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Hi there! I'm Sunflower and this is my profile. I love roleplaying, world building and plotting as well as talking about my OCs. English isn't my mothertongue so I'm not prone to making grammatical errors from time to time; but please let me know if you spot any :D

Communication is key. Real life happens so I don't expect a reply every day but please let me know if you won't reply for a while!
Don't ghost me or ignore me; I've had enough of it for a whole lifetime
Tell me if any subjects make you uncomfortable and we'll avoid them <3
Please keep me out of OOC drama, I prefer to keep it IC ;)

I write in third person, present tense. Tell me if you'd prefer for me to write in past tense
IC is not OOC and vice versa
I prefer roleplaying in the PMs here or on Discord

Rave Reviews

I love roleplaying with Sunflower! Her characters have depth and are so detailed, which makes rp with her even more enjoyable. She is always willing to discuss plots and my ideas and most of all, I'm thankful for her patience and understanding whenever I have difficulty balancing my school and roleplaying. - Wixiany
Sunflower is incredibly understanding and patient, and she is willing to work with me during hard times. Even when I disappeared she was extremely forgiving. She also is fun to chat with OOCly, and loves to present new plot points frequently. Great writer, great person. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Novus

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