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Hey there, my name is Kat. I recently returned to RPR after being on and off for a while due to life. I have the tendency to disappear now and then but I'm working really hard on not to do that anymore.

Just a little bit about me. I currently work for the state of Florida full time. I am eastern time however you'll probably see me around all hours depending on if I can sleep or not. I enjoy going the beach, river, and state parks to walk around outside. I am also big into museums and I love theme parks. Currently my hobbies is pretty much writing as I am working on that right now. I can be super chatty sometimes. I love talking OOC to discuss roleplay and just talk in general. And yes I am a crazy that uses song lyrics to express their mood at that current moment. I love music.

Warning, I do have my moments where I get really quiet and down. I tend to hide away when that happens. Typically I'll let you know if I am having a rough time and go quiet. Sometimes it just happens and I don't say anything. I will do my best if we are roleplaying and I'm going to be gone for a while to let you know.

A Few Random Favorites

Color: Purple All shades and Fall Colors
Season: Fall (though FL doesn’t get much of it)
Movies: Top Three are Practical Magic, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Harry Potter (all lumping them as one)
Music: Depends on mood, love all types of music, my playlist is fairly diverse.
Books: Dark Romance/Spicy
Flavor: Strawberry and vanilla
Scent: Coconut, Tropical, Citrus, Beachy and Cotton Candy
Flower: Jasmine, Gardenia and Rose
Drink: Dr Pepper and Ice Coffee (my blood source)
Supernatural Creatures: Vampire, Werewolf and Witches (oh my lol)
Hobbies: Writing mainly (I am getting back into this), Reading and Scrolling through TikTok

Just a few small notes for roleplay:
I don't roleplay with minors or with minor characters. All characters and players must be at least 21 years old. No exceptions.

Post Lengths: Not picky and totally flexible. Please just give me something to work with. My average is 2-5 paragraphs. Sometimes I get wordy though too depending on what I am trying to say or the scene I am trying to set up.

Post Frequency: I don't like to set a frequency because I never know. I will try to let you know if I am going to be gone longer than a day or so. I am super flexible. Life comes first. The only thing I ask if you are no longer interested that is totally cool no hard feelings. Just please let me know so I'm not holding onto a post that is never going to come. No questions asked and no hard feelings can totally drop the roleplay. I just like to know so I'm not holding out for something that isn't coming. :)

Limits: I honestly don't have much limits as far as a roleplay goes as long as characters and players are adults. I don't get easily offended or scared off. I enjoy dark mature topics. I am always looking to expand my experience and understanding of topics. If there is something you want to try out feel free to let me know. If it is too much or something that I really can't do, I'll let you know. But really there is a little that I shy away from. Except full on fight scenes.. I haven't mastered that yet.

Want to know anything or chat? Feel free to PM me anytime. I will warn you I can get chatty really fast so message me at your own risk. I'm kidding, maybe.

If you want to add me on discord for easier chatting, let me know.


Rave Reviews

Minsi is a sweet, kind, and caring person, always understanding. She is a great writer and while we have tried a few times to get our thread off the ground, life kept getting in the way. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - TroyLocke
She is, in a word, brilliant! We've worked out a Harry Potter RP and its been the most fun I've had in a while. Defiantly give her a go. - BeatlesFan68

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