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Heyo, and welcome. To the most haphazardly put together profile on the web! I’m Void, and I’ll be your partner (or not) I tend to write about 3-4 paragraphs on a typical response. It gets bigger or shorter depending on specific situations, for instance if our characters are talking in depth i tone it down to make it easier.

Alot of my characters are anonymous because of my inhibitions and self doubt ;~; so if none of my characters that are public pique your interest just ask for a list and I can give you one!

My favorite types of RP include Romance, Fantasy, Vigilante(or Superhero RP), Dark themes, Modern fantasy, and action/adventure! Of course, I'm very open to all RPing so feel free to just message me and we can work out a plot!

I have my intense introverted moments due to my agoraphobia so I have a tendency to lurk and grow quiet randomly, if this happens just give me a lil nudge and I’ll start talkin again I promise.

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This guy is amazing y'all. Must play with him. He's kind, funny, and knows how to make a Roleplay enjoyable and fun. I definitely suggest you play with him - Starwarsfan
I've only just started roleplaying with Toast, but already I'm excited. They have an amazing handle on how to make a story flow, and all their characters are beautifully written. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - CassandravH

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