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Heyo, and welcome. To the most haphazardly put together profile on the web! I'm Void, and you'll come to find I'm quite strange. But in a good way!

I love to create deep characters and lay out completely stupidly over complicated plans for them! I'm a big fan of drama and sleuthing around. So sometimes I like to do multiple RP's with the same person without them knowing, so if you're partnered with me and suspect it is I, slip the phrase “Funky Town” in your reply and I'll tell you if it's me or not~

Alot of my characters are anonymous because of my inhibitions and self doubt ;~; so if none of my characters that are public pique your interest just ask for a list and I can give you one!

My favorite types of RP include Romance, Fantasy, Vigilante, Dark themes, heavy smut, Modern fantasy, action/adventure, and the occasional sci-fi ! Of course, I'm very open to all RPing so feel free to just message me and we can work out a plot!

I have my intense introverted moments due to my agoraphobia so I have a tendency to lurk and grow quiet randomly, if this happens just give me a lil nudge and I'll start talkin again I promise.

Rave Reviews

Void gives posts that aren't necessarily concise or long. They are flexible with their posts and I'm always excited when I get a message from them, as they have quite creative ideas and drive the plot forward well. They're a pleasure to work with. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Rumiko
Absolutely love roleplaying with Void they are understanding , have a great sense of humour and they're a brilliant writer that makes each reply exciting to read i hope we continue to rp in the future😁 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Ashen

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