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I roleplay in World of Warcraft on the server WrymrestAccord US.

I no longer roleplay on Furcadia, but you may have seen my pixel art in the Golden Tether dream. I also developed The Dragon Realms dream (no longer available).

Rave Reviews

Weremagnus has been with us at TGT for years! She is an amazing artist and such an amazing patch artist. She did so much work in rebuilding TGT. Not only is she an awesome artist, she's an awesome person and incredibly friendly. - Dylan
Mags! One of the coolest dragons I know! She's super rad at the art thang (legit one of my favorites), and on top of that she's just a super-cool and friendly person! Always welcoming to new faces popping around The Dragon Realms and willing to help out or just have a friendly chat~ Speaking of TDR, have I mentioned it's one of the coolest dreams ever? You can feel the love and effort that's gone into it oozing from every pixel and it never gets old. - Goo

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