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This subscription automatically adds 31 days of Epic Membership directly to your account every time you get low. Cancel any time.

You'll be charged for a month of Epicness immediately, and then roughly every 31 days (there may be additional delays between charges if you add Epicness to your account some other way, for example by winning a contest or receiving it as a gift from someone else.)

At present, we only support debit or credit cards for subscriptions - we're currently unable to offer these subscriptions via Paypal.

To thank epic members for supporting the RP Repository, they have access to all these great perks for the duration of their epic status:

  • Characters belonging to epic members have NO ADS on their profiles
  • Epic members don't see ads anywhere else on the site, either!
  • Create custom character styles to use and share
  • Access to all of the custom character styles that other members have shared!
  • Customize their own user profile with colors of their choosing
  • Get 10 temporary extra character slots
  • 2 extra temporary page slots allowed for each one of your characters
  • Upload 30 extra gallery images per character
  • If over 18 years of age, optional access to the age verification process.

For more info about Epic Membership, please see the Epic Membership FAQ

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