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Epic Membership Subscription

This subscription automatically adds 31 days of Epic Membership directly to your account every time you get low. Cancel any time.

$4.95 $4.50 USD


Oil of Epicness

Adds one month of epicness to a user

$4.95 USD

Wand of Epicness

Adds three months of epicness to a user

$14.85 USD

Hourglass of Epicness

Adds 12 months of epicness to a user

$59.40 $55.00 USD

Page Torn From a Magic Book

Grants an extra page slot

$1.50 USD

Book of Blank Pages

Adds 7 extra pages to a group or user

$10.50 $7.50 USD

Masquerade Mask

Adds 1 name change token

$9.99 USD

Enchanted Silk Cloak

Adds 1 character slot to a user

$3.75 USD

Dragon's Tooth

Adds 5 character slots to a user

$18.75 $14.99 USD

Accolade Display Stand

Display more accolades on your profile!

$7.99 $4.99 USD

Loot Display Stand

Display more loot on your profile!

$7.99 $4.99 USD