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Kudos for Corvin

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

On the RP repository, receiving a kudos means that another community member recommends you as someone other people might like to get to know. Perhaps because you are exceptionally fun to RP with, exceptionally fun to know, or are just plain exceptional!

  • Though it has been some time since i've been able to rp with Corvin. He is a wonderful write and truly an amazing person. He has always been kind and has always had a logical and positive outlook on life. He's a breath of clean scenic air and one you can't get enough off. Even if you don't write with him make sure to give him some time even for chitchat it'll be worth it! Happy birthday old friend. <3 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Nekomanics

  • For a person that swims in mystery for a lot of people, Corvin's a pretty open book. Just a dedicated talented writer with a passion for a well written moment in a characters life. That's only the surface of just how brilliant and amazing storylines and plots can get with Corvin. They are a master of their craft. The highest echelon of Wordsmith I have ever encountered in like 19 years of Roleplaying. Corvin's one of my favorite people and not just to write with but a stellar friend as well. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Mouslykat

  • Best friend in the whole wide internet. Seriously the only time I'd ever use the word "muse" is when describing Corvin. Five years of plotting and building an intwined universe have been the best five years of the hobby for me. It never has gotten old. Corvin drives me to be a better writer each time we chat. When we sit down to write, I admittedly find myself giggling with anticipation for what's to come. It's truly never a dull moment. LOVE YOU. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Mina

  • Each RP is set in a new way, & no matter how much fun our characters might be having, a connection is anything but linear. Nothing is ever as it seems, there always remains a very real undertow of complication & consequence which drives plots forward & leaves you wanting more. His characters are all well articulated, detailed, shining examples of realistic people with very unique behaviors & psychology to further animate them. I could literally go on for days. TLDR Corvin writes REAL GOOD. - Mina

  • I've been staring at this kudos box for ten minutes and I can't figure out what to write. He's just simply that great. Now I know he doesn't like people complimenting him, yada yada yada. You're CORVINCREDIABLE. Whether it's him sipping bubbly on the red carpet, or us laughing while playing games together. Five years and I wouldn't change anything. Thank you for being there when I needed you, ya old man. <3 - Raerae

  • I've known Cor for some time now. It all started on that faithful day when a message was sent and black magic was made. His characters draw you in, keep you on edge and make you crave more. Shakespearean writer with a silver tongue leads this guy into the top ranks as a desired writing partner and let's not forget friend. As talented as he his with words via characters he is the same to those that stand by his side through thick and thin. - Nekomanics

  • What's there to say that I haven't already said? You are Corvin. That has been beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I'm grateful and amazed by you. As a writer, I'm not sure that I could ever in the entirety of the world find someone that pushes me, and opens me up, understands and shares this amazing passion and love for characters and story the way you do. Thank you, you amazing, fun, creative, honesty, brilliant person. - Mouslykat

  • This is one among many of the kudos I've given this gem. Corvin is my best friend, bottom line. When I'm hard to like, he's there to tell me I'm being hard to like, but that he's not going anywhere. I can't imagine the last 4-5 years of my life, most especially as a writer without the encouragement, and the confidence that his shared talent offers me. We've done quite a bit of growing together as storytellers, because it's just too easy not to, with him. Thank you for bein' a friiiiend. - Mina

  • This mysterious and charming dude right here is a heckin' amazing RPer and an great friend. You can depend on him to tell you straight up and be honest with you when things need to be addressed. Some people may not like the brutal truth, but to me? It makes him a good friend. He's honest and I enjoy our talks! Cars, RP, work.. They're always great conversations. <3 - Boe

  • Mr. Tall, dark and mysterious... Quite charming. ;) Ha! This dude right here... What can I say? We only recently started chatting quite a bit the last few months, plotting and doing RPs. As well as casual talk. I'm glad I actually made the effort to befriend you! If you guys haven't RP'd with him, you really should get on that, because you're missin' out. He's also there for you when you need someone. Can't tell you how many times he's helped me out! - Boe

  • I've got to say- Corv is definitely on my list of most talented RPers I have the pleasure of knowing. He's got an astronomical amount of talent and a flare for keeping things interesting. He's also superfriendly and easy to talk to on an OOC level! If you haven't had a chance to plot with him, I would definitely take the time to do so. You won't regret it a bit! - BriThePanda

  • [2/2] There is a mastery to his skill in writing that is only matched by the amazingly kinda and easy going personality. Beyond being one of the best writers I've had the honor and pleasure to write with, Corvin is just and fantastic person that I could probably spend hours talking with. He listens and he's fun and I count my lucky stars that he takes the time to write with me, because he inspires me to do better, to reach further and to grow who I am in and out of character. - Mouslykat

  • There aren't enough words in enough languages for enough time to adequately offer Corvin the kudos he deserves. Even when I try, writing with Corvin is an experience that is only matched by the next session. Every movement, every plot piece, every moment that he can instill into his writing, he does it with grace, style, command, knowing every intimate detail of his characters and yet all of them are so different. From just a writing standpoint, I'm in awe of his skills. [1/2] - Mouslykat

  • I don't know why I haven't given this old man any kudos yet... I guess it's better late than never! He's amazing, simply A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. He's a doll/hoot to talk oocly with (especially since we're old geezers and he gets my 80's and movie references.) His RPing is just... Hnng. If you've rp'd with him, you know what I'm taking about. If not, well... I don't know what's taking you so long! - Raerae

  • Colden Jace (played by Corvin)
    Jace is just apart from any other incubus you've seen before. Badass is a niche often misrepresented, but he wears it like a second skin. Complex and devoted down to the bone, he's the kind of character that raises questions then makes me afraid to ask them. Tough as he is, he's still approachable, witty and breathtakingly sexy in a way that his rough exterior teases you with. All bark, all bite. So often do we see rebels who forget that part of rebellion's allure is the FUN of it. Except Jace;) - Mina

  • Corvin is the first person I've had a conversation with in San Angeles. We haven't RP'd yet but I'm looking forward to playing with him! He is very welcoming and sweet and I can't wait to see what he has up his sleeve for us! - Marishka

  • My favorite person. It always jumps out and surprises me when I least expect it, that a hobby like this can forge a friendship I cherish so dearly. What started as an assumed one off rp turned into a year of surprises, broken hearts and granted wishes. Every single adventure is new, fresh and raw in believable ways. I don't think there's anyone else like Corvin in the entire community. Just amazing, I love everything he does and words fail me time and time again in describing it. You're my #1. - Mina

  • Jack Dalmaine (played by Corvin)
    Oh boy. What can I say about Jack other than the fact that he is a breath of fresh air? Exciting in all of the best ways, witty and intelligent. However, fiercely devoted to the people he cares about and also to his passion in music. Not your stereotypical rockstar, this one is far from hollow. Layered in ways Iam eager to keep learning I know that his loyalty and inventiveness know no bounds. Fame doesn't always mean flashy. Well written, interesting, charming, I want all the Jack all the time. - Mina

  • Trent Hartley (played by Corvin)
    This is where it hurts.. Trent is mysterious in all of the best ways. He's charming, and alluring. something exotic and wild under that tie, I know it. Not defined as a character by his career. But, the commitment to such is there, and just when you get close to tugging the ribbon on this gift...well. Anticipation and cliffhangers only draw you closer, making you want to know more. No one likes a spoiler, and Trent Hartley is not one to give them. Some doctors are worth waiting for. - Mina

  • Corban (played by Corvin)
    Corban is the embodiment of whatever it is that has us as a society so taken by the concept of a vampire. However not stale with ancient tropes and stereotypes. Sexy, intelligent, dangerous & romantic, nobody does VAMPIRE quite like Corban does. An ancient who isn't full of himself, who operates on a very, very realistic mindset. Each scene with Corban is a joy that renews my love for vamps entirely. Then again, this player is good for holding my attention! - Mina