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  • Dylan spotted a second error in page numbering on group membership pages. Turned out, the first fix we'd done for their had become irrelevant through updates and needed its own update. Thanks Dylan! (8 years ago)
  • Griswold pointed out that we were missing a critical feature -- there was no way to recover forgotten usernames! This is a feature that will be added post haste. (8 years ago)
  • Dylan's group was plagued with a memberlist that looked like swiss cheese -- Characters weren't being removed from their roster when their owners deleted them. All fixed thanks to a timely bug report from Dylan! (8 years ago)
  • How does she do it? Sanne found another link that led to an ancient version of the group setup wizard. It's now been redirected to the new page. (8 years ago)
  • Darth_Angelus found a test page that was still lingering messily, after a proper update should have replaced it with the Real Deal. (8 years ago)
  • Sanne reported that smilie icons and hearts weren't displaying correctly in gallery descriptions. (8 years ago)
  • riku asked some questions that led to the discovery that Group Tags weren't appearing on the profiles of the characters that founded them. (8 years ago)
  • Dylan reported that guestbook widgets didn't look quite right after they'd been "submerged" in our newest water templates. Thanks to their report, we're throwing guestbook widgets a lifeline. (8 years ago)
  • Dylan found a problem in groups where moderation powers weren't working properly. Thanks to Dylan's report, it's fixed. (8 years ago)
  • Yikes, will the mad hyjinx gallery widgets get into never cease? Rowan found the latest surprise galleries had left for us and made a citizen's arrest. All fixed yet again, thanks to Rowan! (8 years ago)
  • Poor Amirrora's gallery widgets exploded in a rain of sparks and shrapnel! Okay, so it wasn't quite that exciting, but it was sure an annoying bug. No more gallery explosions, thanks to Amirrora's bug report. (8 years ago)
  • Sanne helped find a bug where images were only being *half* removed from the site when their gallery widget was deleted, resulting in some odd dashboard notifications. (8 years ago)
  • Dog noticed that when characters joined guilds, their icons didn't always display correctly in dashboard notifications. Thanks to that report, the bug was challenged to a duel and vanquished in fair combat. (8 years ago)
  • Angelus-sama
    Journal widgets were losing their editability (that's a word, right?) when their pages were turned. Thanks to Angelus-sama's bug report, journal widgets are once again back on track. Thanks Angelus-sama! (8 years ago)
  • Forum posts made by your own characters can now be edited again, thanks to Heimdall reporting that the edit button had gone missing. (8 years ago)