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  • ToBeContinued mentioned that trying to edit group text widgets was very difficult being that they were only "two lines high." Turns out, text editing was barely functional in IE! The error has now been fixed thanks to ToBeContinued bringing it to light. (8 years ago)
  • Sanne reported a series of bugs that affected character widgets. Most trivial, one critical, all seemingly unrelated... Until suddenly all the dots were connected into a line, leading to one little variable that was out of whack. What sleuthing! (8 years ago)
  • When their epic membership was being coy about how much time it had left, Dylan brought it to heel with a well placed bug report. (8 years ago)
  • Pyrroglaux took it upon theirself to create game icons for more than half a dozen games, some of which they doesn't even play. Pure altruism! (8 years ago)
  • SeraphicStar
    SeraphicStar reported an issue with the cityscape templates wherein the ads could cover up the text. How barbaric! The streets are once again safe for text, thanks to SeraphicStar. (8 years ago)
  • A tiny wrinkle in the Cityscape templates could cause the text centering to go right out the window, until Sanne wrote a bug report that allowed these templates to be recivilized! (8 years ago)
  • Ethan reported that when trying to have one of his characters break ties with an erstwhile IC friend, the bond just wouldn't break no matter how many times he pressed delete. (8 years ago)
  • Sanne reported that trying to roll dice in the forum chat had begun resulting in two identical chat windows open, side by side. (8 years ago)
  • kuroi_neko reported that color-picker wheels for customizing groups and user profiles didn't display correctly in IE. (8 years ago)
  • SeraphicStar
    SeraphicStar, with the help of a compatriot, raised the alarm that forum chat wasn't functioning correctly on Group boards. (8 years ago)
  • Copper_Dragon, with the help of a compatriot, raised the alarm that forum chat wasn't functioning correctly on Group boards. (8 years ago)
  • Dylan pointed out that the Pink Victorian Lace template wasn't included in the pink category! (8 years ago)
  • When I had finished the new 'mature' filter for gallery images but was too tired to test them, Dylan leaped to the rescue and gave them a thorough working over. Many bugs were tracked down and vanquished, thanks to Dylan! (8 years ago)
  • Xach found gaps appearing in the super computer templates when certain lengths of content were entered. Mainframe meltdown diverted! (8 years ago)
  • Dylan tried and tried to delete group announcements, but the button hadn't been properly hooked up. Thanks to their bug report, old announcements will trouble groups no longer. (8 years ago)