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  • Blatherdrift helped test some minor fixes to the RP Finder! (7 years ago)
  • Zelphyr, guardian of the community page kudos, has once again helped improve the formatting of xyr charges' display. (7 years ago)
  • Zelphyr helped make the purchase history page more mobile friendly! (7 years ago)
  • Lizard
    Lizard reported that the buttons on the delete group page were looking a little janky (7 years ago)
  • Zelphyr helped make the Widgets panel more visible on a mobile phone, regardless of whether the phone is held landscape or portrait. (7 years ago)
  • Sanne reported that the message textarea in the RP Finder didn't quite fit on small screens. (7 years ago)
  • Sanne helped improve support for people who prefer to turn off the WYSIWYG text-editor. (7 years ago)
  • Highjinx discovered that characters weren't all that great at building human(oid) pyramids in PM recipient lists. Thanks to her report, we've hired a cheerleading coach to get them ready for the big game. (7 years ago)
  • Night helped make logging out more out. (7 years ago)
  • Danger reported that color picker inputs were streeeeetching out (7 years ago)
  • Lizard
    Lizard found a knight in shining armor that had strayed from the normal path, and was instead stepping on buttons. (7 years ago)
  • Auberon's group got so busy that Server was all literally, I can't. (7 years ago)
  • wilts helped prevent anonymous profiles where there were none. (7 years ago)
  • Unicorn helped reunite notifications with their rightful owners. (7 years ago)
  • When the "review already decided applications" link had had too much to drink and was starting to slur, Alecia helped it home and put it to bed to sober up. (7 years ago)