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  • Thank you ever so EbonySnow. Your involvement in groups makes it better daily! This time, she reported an issue with group applications. One less error message on the streets to frighten the masses! (9 years ago)
  • Sanne found that her <3s were being removed from her kudos when she went to edit them. Her heartfelt <3s are back thanks to her bug report. (9 years ago)
  • The black hole that eats up deleted widgets was expanding, and destroying the landing area on which new widgets would typically land on a page. Thanks to skaikrasha, the black hole has been properly contained once again. (9 years ago)
  • When Sanne deleted the last widget off her character's page, the page felt so sad and lonely that it refused to let new widgets be introduced into its life without a refresh. Proper counseling has now been given to editing pages. (9 years ago)
  • Mars wrote a wonderfully thorough bug report that detailed some broken help links on the group editing pages. Thanks for saving so many people from further frustration, Mars! (9 years ago)
  • Darth_Angelus's drop down menu links were all lining up like ugly ducklings. Magic hourglasses were rushed to the scene so that the links could be turned back into swans. (9 years ago)
  • Darth_Angelus reported that the "update look" button had a misleading name, when it was even appearing in the correct location. (9 years ago)
  • Darth_Angelus made a very thorough report detailing a number of cases where group pages refused to be reordered. Thanks to his thorough testing, managing group pages is now much more reliable. (9 years ago)
  • Copper_Dragon's ampersands were running away from home to join the circus, and coming back all funny. Thanks to her speedy action, we were able to send them to clowning academy a bit closer to home. (9 years ago)
  • Copper_Dragon found that images in group text widgets sometimes got too big for their britches. (9 years ago)
  • Sanne helped make invitations to groups be better at correctly reporting who they were sent by. (9 years ago)
  • Sanne helped unravel why some group forums were denying access to people who really ought to have access. (9 years ago)
  • Sanne's thorough investigation of groups unveiled that some "go back" buttons took you to public versions of pages when you ought to be sent back to the private administrative side of things. (9 years ago)
  • Sanne pointed out that the "leave group" link had been temporarily dropped from group toolbars. (9 years ago)
  • Sanne speedily reported that open applications to groups had strange alignments in relation to each other, when looked at by the person who originally submitted them. (9 years ago)