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  • Copper_Dragon found a broken link in the new help section. Thanks to her speedy report, all the wires have been reconnected correctly. (10 years ago)
  • Keelie reported that ads could distend the celtic knots template on some pages. (10 years ago)
  • Nero was the first to discover that certain groups were not becoming visible in the RP Finder after their publicity settings were updated, beginning an investigation that would eventually lead to a solution. (10 years ago)
  • Sanne's attempts to pinpoint why some groups were not appearing in the RP finder led to an important clue being uncovered, and an eventual solution being found. (10 years ago)
  • Sanne found that RP Finder game concepts were not being properly included in messages sent via the Finder. (10 years ago)
  • Kaji pointed out that the combat slider in the RP Finder wasn't properly labeled on the "join" page. (10 years ago)
  • When the dams burst and cerberus's profile was flooded with praise, cerberus handed out buckets to help pour kudos back into their proper place on their profile. (10 years ago)
  • SyntheticToxic's frustrating experience with friendly URLs led to confirmation and error messages that are actually useful and friendly! (10 years ago)
  • Sanne spent an evening drawing icons and enduring critique to make a new user interface for the site not only user-friendly, but beautiful! (10 years ago)
  • Sanne provided extra clues in tracking down the wily bug that was plaguing group widgets each time they were moved, saved or added to a page. (10 years ago)
  • Shame helped to identify and track down a particularly vicious and wily bug that was plaguing groups. Unsuspecting widgets will no longer fall prey to its evil ways. (10 years ago)
  • Strangedisease helped identify a case in which a group with one forum might report that it had zero! (10 years ago)
  • Lizard
    Lizard's grammar sense tingled, when a notification message just didn't make as much sense on player profiles as it did in homepage notification streams. (10 years ago)
  • Mare pinpointed an issue with guestbooks, wherein the test to see if someone trying to comment was blocked or not didn't always work. (10 years ago)
  • Jane shared her knowledge of profile prettification with the whole site, in the form of 3 fabulous tutorials. Characters everywhere are getting fancier thanks to Jane's generous knowledge sharing. (10 years ago)