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It has been a while since I've done any art at all freebies and I want to do a few. These will be random from my bases and I will be working from inspiration palettes. You can suggest species or gender, but I will make no promises.

1.You have to give me some sort of palette to inspire it. (
2. Choose Human or Furry/Scalie or Other
3. You must credit me if you use the image on your character's page
4. Specify if you are okay with barbie doll nude
5. Say thank you.

I will work on them as I can, in the order that is most inspiring to me. I might not get to all of them. I will also post them on my FA or my DA page, or use them here as reference.

Current references
See more

Base by Duccidraws on FA

ETA: if you do want to tip, I will accept grab bags, but no pressure.
Edit: changing from mood board to palettes.
This is awesome of you! I offer up Nina! (collage was made with my canva premium account.)

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MercyInReach wrote:

Base by UnistaArt

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