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Hello! It's exactly what it sounds like - I've decided to share a few things I've made and edited for myself with the rest of you. I admittedly am pretty new at this; most of these are the results of my brutally mashing bits of CSS swiped from into each other until I end up with something I like, with art pieces I've already either made (most Step City elements) or bought (everything else).

Most will have some light animation either in the page titles, headers or the dividers; if gifs aren't your thing aesthetically or for photosensitivity reasons, consider this a mild heads-up. At the time of writing, Epic styles appear to sort themselves into any page they want, so titles have been provided. Ideally they should also sort by predominant color or theme.




Handheld B/W
(this MIGHT be the most buggy - the name/player name is NOT fixed, but I'm uncertain how to achieve the same vibe. Suggestions and reports are encouraged!)



This began as a loose edit of RPR's 'Brickwork' template and got a little out of hand after I ended up making a few elements outright - credit to the original for the sitecontainer parts!

These are technically made to match the themes and factions of Step City - a science-fiction Discord art/text setting full of superpowered dancers - but I've made them available to all for general grunge/graffiti purposes!

Step City: Funk Mafia

Step City: The UG

Step City: Roller Banditos

Step City: Research District

These will be undergoing legibility and margin tweaks as more feedback comes in - please let me know if you catch anything weird, or have any suggestions! I'm not entirely happy with the body text on many of these but can't quite pinpoint why.


I'd normally give this a nice preamble...but it's Fallout. It's a Fallout theme without any actually-licensed images or resources.

Absolutely none of these are presently formatted for mobile and I am very sorry about that. If anyone has any tips for that, please let me know.

I'll be adding to this as I become confident enough to release more to the public. A lot will likely be backdoor promotions for RPs in which I'm participating, and for that I am not sorry.

Claine Moderator

The Handheld one is so clever!! :D

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