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The Spectre (played by Mackz12)

The Xeelee are probably the most feared species in the entire universe, gods among Baryonic life with a history stretching back to the Big Bang and technology so advanced that the other great species of the universe went stagnant as it became pointless to develop What the Xeelee had discovered billions of years ago.

Today however offered somewhat of a unique situation as one of these mysterious beings was caught or more trapped insides it’s spacecraft which was in tern disabled using a precarious amount of technology that was kept under enough locks and enough keys to crush a planet.

The nightfighter’s black hull was strapped onto the ceiling of the exhibit so that the thousands of people streaming in could gaze up in both horror and amazement, the simple v shaped craft had been responsible for millions of years of terror and pain and symbolised are he dark reality of the universe in its form.

Plaques line the many walls of the chamber which matched the exact dimensions of the craft itself, providing a detailed history on known technology and sightings of this exact Xeelee.

Inside the being itself stirred but gave nothing, still in shock at its capture at the hands of aa species that by all accounts were ant like.

The gallery is open to all of course, maybe you’ve come to Gawk like the rest of them, or does the prospect of a potential ally interest you?

The Xeelee translator box is indeed working even if the creature on the other end refuses to use it.

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