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What it says on the tin. :'D

We're able to set a profile's visibility to users in our age group, would it be possible to have a 'friends only' option as well?

Or something similar to choosing specific users like you would sharing an Epic Style?

Not to compare, but in line with's "authorizing" or "key links"?
I'd really like this. I'm sure there's a whole Something about anonymous characters and privacy and such, which would (I think?) easily be solved by only having the 'visible to friends only' option available for non-anonymous characters.
Kim Site Admin

This is in fact a planned feature!

I don't use toyhouse, though, so I can only guess what you mean by key links.
konnie Topic Starter

Great! Excited to see how it rolls out. :D

Access keys are used to let people temporarily view characters that normally can't be seen by the public (Including ones that aren't visible to guests) - a url with a code string attached to bypass any privacies, shared by the creator and able to be deleted.

I guess another comparison would be a discord server invite with their expiration time as well - gives access but can be edited/deleted/recreated?

Regardless, thank you for having this planned!

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