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In an nutshell, an inter-dimensional hangout spot for anyone. Want a break from your world? Just come through the door which also the way to get back to your world. Good chaos is welcomed and bad chaos is not.


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Team 7 (played by CoffeeDrunk) Topic Starter

Four individuals go through an random door. Unfortunately the door was spawned mid-air and they fell. Svou fell on his feet and spread out his arms, catching Jolene. Gunther fell on the ground then looked up, “Where’s Yakov?” Yakov fell on Gunther.
“I really don't mind helping with things around the shop, Fay.”

The voice had supposedly startled her, eyes widening like saucer plates and her body quivering from a shiver. For a moment, Fay had forgotten of her lover who was still waiting in the car in which she had just come from.

Her eyes swiveled to meet his. “It’s just a few boxes. Nothing big, right?” Izaak Collymore went on, flattening his hands against the wrinkles of his coat. He withdrew from the car swiftly in order to return to her side.

“Exactly why I can handle it myself,” Fay spoke with a certain ease to her words, yet, somehow, Izaak still seemed to take offense. She simply added, “You have to get going to work, anyhow.”

His eyes slimmed from judgment. Disagreement. But he wasn’t going to tell her no—she was right. He had to get going, or he’d be late once again.

Izaak turned on his heels without much of a goodbye, started his car, and waved as he hurried down the street. Fay couldn’t help but watch him until he became nothing but a speck on the horizon. Then, she got to work.

She picked up the first box aligned with her shop’s door. It smelled like lavender and was wrapped in a protective coat, so she could only guess it was such. She pushed through the doors of her store—

And immediately began falling through the sky.

The sudden rush of air whisked past her, stealing the breath from her lungs and sending a million thoughts through her head. The box fled from her hands. Her arms flailed. She cried out. She could only hope someone could hear.
Team 7 (played by CoffeeDrunk) Topic Starter

“And someone else is falling”, Gunther said as he pushed Yakov off of him. He stood up and stretched.
Gwen foster (played by scarellett)

Gwen sure this is the right place? (stacey Strange) certainly is better than that bar those people were jerks no respect for people or for themselves but coming here will give us a fresh start let's buy some flowers for the vacation home that we rented, Gwen sounds good
Finn Hemmberg (played by Revereen)

Finn fell somewhere in a place he could not recognize, he sighed as he remembered being thrown out by a heavily armored lunatic.
"Great", he said, "Another hangout, huh?"
Gwen foster (played by scarellett)

Gwen and the Avenger teen crew was walking around until they came across a beautiful flower shop and then this guy Named Finn they walked up to him and said are you okay that was quite a fall?
Finn Hemmberg (played by Revereen)

"I'm good", he said, "though I think I may have injured my tail". He then pulled out a sandwich and ate it slowly
"I guess goin' on Interdimensional adventures don't sound bad either, but Azumi's definitely gonna be worried sick" he laughed
Gwen foster (played by scarellett)

Gwen says um Finn can we ask you something did you find a nice vacation rental they have some beautiful ones up here we rented a vacation home and a car but you sound like a cool person that we can get along with (Stacey Strange) hello Finn I am the daughter of Doctor Strange and this Maddie, Ralph,Daisy, Allen, Andrew, jake , and the rest of the crew we call our selfs Avenger teen force
Finn Hemmberg (played by Revereen)

"Since I just got here, I'm not exactly sure, but I do spot a few hotels over there" he said. He stood there for a moment before realising what Stacey Strange had just said to him. Avengers Teen Force? He thought for a moment before realising he's heard of them.
"No way..." he paused, "I-I saw you guys on Television! Can I have your, uh, a-autographs?!"
Gwen foster (played by scarellett)

Gwen of course oh yea we are getting our own movie soon but it is going to be 20th Century studios/marvel film and we are exicited oh yea this Allen Creed (Allen Creed) hello I am from xmen teen force its pleasure to meet you
Finn Hemmberg (played by Revereen)

"X-men huh?", he paused to finish his sandwich,"You guys got any dimension travelling powers? Could use a hand in case Azumi gives me a earful for staying in odd places for far too long"
Gwen foster (played by scarellett)

Gwen um Stacey Strange got the Ability to do that (Stacey Strange) I was trained to do that she said with a warm braces smile
Finn Hemmberg (played by Revereen)

"I'm thirsty, I could use some drinks, you guys gonna follow?" Finn asked the Avengers Teen Force.
Gwen foster (played by scarellett)

Gwen and the other's um sure that would be nice we could for a drink
When Fay helplessly hit the ground, the box she had clutched onto in fear for her life had been squashed in the rabble like a bug. She briefly scampered to her feet, checked her surroundings, and mustered a panicked deep breath. "What the hell is this place?"
Gwen foster (played by scarellett)

Gwen and the rest of Avenger teen force were getting drinks at this slushie Joint in this beautiful place she was happy to be here along with meeting new people
Finn Hemmberg (played by Revereen)

Finn, along with the Avengers teen force, drank some slushies. Finn got another call from his aunt, Azumi.
"'zumi?", He said on the phone. It seemed she was in a panicked state and asked about his condition. He assured her that he is doing fine.
Gwen foster (played by scarellett)

Gwen so um Finn do you play any drums if so can we hear it when we get back to the to the house I was thinking we should all live together it would be fun she said smiling I bet your Auntie is a cool person ( Tyrone the destroyer) hello Finn I am the son of Drax the destroyer pleasure to meet you he said with a warm braces smile
Kioshi (played by Reithesniper)

Kioshi falls through a portal landing on the ground, she stood and looked around, seeing the portal disappear she'd pull out her sniper, as a defense mechanism "Where am I?" she wasn't sure if anyone was hostile here, but she wasn't worried just calm as normal

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