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What would their nicknames be? Would it be normal, like their real name, or something weird and stupid? What kind of player would they be? Have fun with it! :)
(1-30 character limit for nicknames)
Team 7 (played by CoffeeDrunk) Topic Starter

Gunther(Name: Gunther)- Would quit halfway out of rage
Jolene(Name: Poker Alice)- You can tell every time if she got an question wrong because she cusses every time
Svou(Name: Bear)- You can’t tell if he is playing the game or not
Yakov(Name: Boar King)- Answers the questions at last minute and if miraculously gets 1st place, he will do a little victory dance like this:
His name would be: Mag

If he loses, he wouldn't care.

If he won:


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