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MIlly Hills (played anonymously)

With one on one RPs....I want a partner that can do what I do. Make something happen during our main characters' interactions. Like, a friend is looking through their character's stuff and finds that they are hiding something. There is so much that can be done if you just make it happen. While the characters are getting to know each other and making small talk which may (or may not) be boring for the moment. Set up something in the background within the post itself. I feel like the characters don't need to be the only ones talking. Our characters are not the only ones that exist. (unless you got a "the only humans alive" thing going on.) I also feel that just because I have an idea doesn't always mean I should be the one to start it. The setup is there but maybe because of the situation its best that my partner's character takes the first post. BRAINSTORMING! I hear all this talk about people loving to brainstorm but when we get down to it, it's only a few things then it stops completely. Not saying its has to be going on all the time. But I'm sure when nothing is happening and the characters are just talking trying to come up with something to talk about then...something exciting needs to happen. Slice of life can even be made exciting if you brainstorm a little. Sorry, it's turning more into complaining let's take a step back.

Have you ever thought that what you want in a roleplay partner is a tall order? Like there is no one that will be able to even hit at least X number of your expectations? Do you think you've scared off potential partners because what you want isn't casual roleplaying? Could someone be too serious of a roleplayer? Could they be not serious enough? I would also like to know what sort of things scare you off when it comes to roleplaying (Other than the obvious stuff of someone being a creep) May the stuff I mentioned in my post scares you off. I won't take any offense if it does. I'm having trouble with a lot of this. I'd like your insight, your stories, the way you handled/have handled things, comments, anything that might help me tackle these situations. Maybe it's me who needs to change and if that is the case...I fear that I am doomed to be the one doing all the work in rping. My last resort is to get back into group RPs. which sometimes honestly ends the same way. Sometimes even faster since it has more people involved.

Am I looking for too much? Am I too hardcore of an rper? Am I too soft of an rper?
I want to brainstorm but it's short-lived. I feel like the RP is on my shoulders just because I made up the idea.
sometimes it feels like it's on my shoulders regardless of who's idea it was...
Give me your feedback. Stories and situations, things you've done to remedy these kinds of feelings. Things you wish you'd done etc.

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What you want in a role-playing partner is... what you want in a role-playing partner. There is no good or bad about it, at the core.

However, I will suggest considering how you communicate your expectations of those you want to RP with. For example, can you condense what you want out of an RP partner into a list?

For example:
- Takes on the role of NPCs as well as the main character(s)
- Mutual worldbuilding preferred
- Share the progression of the plot
- Semi-regular brainstorming

Sometimes feeling like you are shouldering the plot happens. Why not toss it back to the person with something to the effect of 'Hey, we've played in this scene for a while, got any fun ideas for progressing it forward?' as a suggestion? Sometimes you won't get a reply but sometimes you will, and it may take the RP in a direction you haven't planned - for the better!
This is why all my posts have a bit listing what I want someone to be like if they message me. This, plus the things listed in my profile, mean I barely get any activity on here but those that do message me tend to be the sort of person I'm looking for...unless they're an idiot who didn't read my post/profile which admittedly happens from time to time but I can usually tell right away when I'm dealing with that sort of person.
Imo, there's nothing wrong with being picky about who you do/do not do an rp with. After all, if you don't enjoy it why bother doing it? It's usually quite hard to find that ideal rp partner and I've only found two people I'd say are 'perfect' for me in all my years of doing this but it was worth the wait because I love doing stuff with those two.
So no, you don't (and can't imo) expect too much.
MIlly Hills (played anonymously) Topic Starter

FadedTapestry wrote:
Yesugei wrote:

Thank you, I will totally give those two tips a try. Especially the list. I don't know why out of all my years of rping I never really thought about a list. Honestly, I feel like a lot of that should be common & knowledge to those that have been rping for quite some time.
Maybe I did think about it but felt a list would make me even more unapproachable as a roleplayer. But I guess Yesugei is right that I should be enjoying it. ^_^ Thank you! Gonna implement that immediately.

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