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Karl Quodestes (played by Revereen)

Karl woke up as usual, extremely worried and angered. He saw every hint, no matter how subtle, concerning a takeover of the City and yet, he brushed it off. He regrets every single bit of ignorance he had during that period. Nonetheless, he knows despair is another one of the Van der Doom gang's specialties... and he won't fall into another one of their traps ever again and he'll make sure he'll use every tool he can gather and use, every possible ally he can recruit, even the one thing he swore to fight against: Criminals....

He's hired other officers of the law as well, even going so far as to hiring capable civilians as long as they are ready to face the dangers ahead of them and now, he's starting his very first meeting with them. His very first heist with them. The heists he's planned, though are slightly different than the conventional. He won't be stealing money, only intel and he's going to rescue as many innocents as he can from the grasp of criminals

((OOC: Here are the rules, Heisters and good luck:
1. No killing (and not so much violence that breaks the rules of the site of course :D)
2. You can choose to not help civilians, but Karl and Azuki may lose trust of your character in the process(Since they're both detectives).
3. Any character is allowed as long as they know how to fight and defend themselves(And maybe sneak, but stealth isn't always necessary)
4. Characters are required to have a codename(Karl's is "Duke", while Azuki's is "Shinobi") in order for their identities to be concealed during heists
5. You can control enemies during combat, especially if a "police" assault has started(But not all the enemies, I will only announce if the police has arrived, but anyone can do this as long as it's not overdone of course) and even recruit them for your character temporarily as long as they're charismatic
6. Anyone can affect the plot, not just me, in order for everyone to have fun and make things interesting!
7. You can only have two characters, plus one side character who indirectly supports the heists or is another antagonist that can be related to either your character/s or related to the Van der Doom gang))
Azuki Quodestes (played by Revereen) Topic Starter

"Karl", a tabby cat wearing a kimono spoke and smiled, It was Azuki, his familiar, "Here's your coffee, tell me if it's too bitter". She sat down and waited for the others to arrive.

"So, how is this 'heist' of ours going to play out?"
((Yo, quick question; How do I join into this?))
Revereen Topic Starter

((I guess since Karl has already recruited some people already, I guess you could join as if you're character and my character knew each other already. Btw I forgot to say this but, our characters are currently in a safehouse in some forest to remain hidden))
Revereen Topic Starter

((We'll be returning/retreating to that place every time a heist is completed/fails))
Black Quartz (played by KingDragon)

((Okay, epic!))

The floor in the far corner of the room Karl and Azuki were in subtly rolled like the ocean, the waves becoming stronger and more powerful until out formed a massive black mass of stone. It formed into a mildly humanoid golem of sorts, who subsequently lumbered over and took a seat, saying, "What's on the burners, lawman?"
Karl Quodestes (played by Revereen) Topic Starter

"Well", he paused, shuffling through papers, finding one specific picture in mind, a picture of a jewelry store, "This is the place". He placed the paper down and took a sip of his coffee, awkwardly drinking it with a straw using his mandibles.

"I'm quite sure there are leads regarding a certain accomplice of ours, the Dentist. He's not really much of one either, they just called him that just because he 'cleans' up places as swiftly as possible, without a trace, and by places I mean crime scenes that look as if they didn't happen in the first place"
Azuki Quodestes (played by Revereen) Topic Starter

"I guess I'll be lurking in the shadows as usual, yes?" Azuki said, tilting her head.

"Definitely, you're our scout", Karl said in reply and petted her
Black Quartz (played by KingDragon)

"This sounds like the whole Agent 327 shtick to me already." He examined the picture and said, "Good idea to start with a jewelry store. If they have any kind of proper stock, every single piece of stone is essentially an extra eye for me. I can see anything and everything going down, but it'd take a lot of focus to be seeing it all." He scratched his chin a little before saying, "What's my role in this whole thing gonna be, before I start makin' plans myself?"
Karl Quodestes (played by Revereen) Topic Starter

"You'll be with me, making some noise, telling civilians to stay down. After that, we'll be grabbing any sort of jewelry that seems cursed, If you can detect that kind of stuff, but Azuki will be doing that for us just in case because we'll be busy dealing with", he coughed and did finger quotes, "'policemen'".

"Oh yeah, by the way, what's gonna be your codename? We'll need it, and a few masks as well", He grabbed a remote that opened a cabinet full of weapons only capable of knocking most things out and a collection of masks, quite bizarre for a detective.

"The one with a greek philosopher's face with two side holes on the mouth is mine and the ninja mask is, of course, my familiar's", He said and smiled towards Azuki, who smiled back happily, "I've amassed quite a collection of these things I just realised, guess I have odd tastes, huh?"
Black Quartz (played by KingDragon)

The golem's face promptly shifted into the shape of a crystal carved rhino as his skin changed color from dark black to a shining, marble white. "Already got my disguise. Call me Dreadhorn; I'm sure you know that was my call sign whenever I went heisting with my old team. Ah, those were the days. Ripping apart walls and watching the chaos unfold... It was better than any drug I've ever had." The last part of him speaking was said while he leaned back in his chair, hands behind his head with his rhino face still perfectly emotionless, like an actual mask. "But hey, you should see my buddy Felix's stash of stuff. That'll make your head spin."
Karl Quodestes (played by Revereen) Topic Starter

"Alright, Dreadhorn", he said, putting on the greek philosopher mask, "You'll be calling me 'Duke'. The Cat's is 'Shinobi'".

"Bakeneko, Duke", His familiar corrected him

"Not everyone knows what your kind are called, you know? Nevermind. As i've discussed just now, the two of us will be making noise in a jewelry store known for selling these 'good luck charms', but we know what they really are. They're cursed items, meant to brainwash a few unlucky aristocrats and use their wealth and influence to control the masses"
Azuki Quodestes (played by Revereen) Topic Starter

"Before you go nabbing whatever sort of gem you might find, Dreadhorn, I shall inspect these stones if they've been cursed or not. If they aren't, you are free to use as your extra eyes, anything cursed, I shall take in order to find this 'dentist' character", She said.

"To continue what I've said", Karl paused, taking another sip of his coffee, "Since we're the only ones currently available for this heist, I've already hired people other than you of course but they're busy doing other things, We'll hold off any assaults that happen while Shinobi finds anything related to him. Once we got at least two bags full of intel, we'll escape through a van enchanted with an invisibility spell. Any questions?"

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