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Hi! I haven't been here long enough to see much in the Smalltalk Forum, so I hope this is the right place to put this. XD

I wanted to make a thread for people to talk about their favorite musical genres, why they like them, and discuss other people's favorites and so on. Obviously, be nice! Art is subjective and people can like what they like! However, you can feel free to ask people more about what they see in niche genres. Like, I get that some people don't get death metal...but I love it! Just be discussion oriented and chill.

Also, feel free to ramble as much as you want. Be self indulgent. Or be succinct! I don't care! You can talk about falling out of love with genres, too! That's always sad.

Anyway, I would say that my top music genres, at the moment, are:
  • Death metal (especially tech death)
    When I moved in with my husband, I hadn't really been able to stomach extreme metal lyrics. It always gave me headaches and I couldn't stand it. But now that I've gotten over my preconceptions about it, I can really appreciate the artistry! Some lyrics just need that extra punch to communicate, and death metal as a whole is just perfect for where my brain is at a lot of the time. It's always so overwhelming and I love it!!! It really helps me focus! I actually won't list my favorite bands publicly, because a lot of their lyrics are pretty violent, and I don't want to send people unknowingly into that. o.O (If you do want more recs, DM me!) But The Ritual Aura is awesome, they have an album about Morrowind called Velothi that I would consider pretty accessible for death metal noobs. I'm still kind of a noob, I've only been listening to extreme metal for a year and a half or so! But I think it's awesome!
  • Shoegaze (/dreampop/whatever, I do not care)
    Ahhh...shoegaze...I don't have as much to say about it, but the kind of droning hypnotic effect always speaks to something in me, I don't know! It's similar with doom metal, sometimes, too. But shoegaze can be so easy to listen to at times, and then so jarring and dissonant and NOISY other times, it's really interesting to me! I love the distortion. Um, I think what counts as shoegaze is pretty vague? So these may not all be shoegaze bands, technically. Some are dreampop or whatever else. But my favorites in this general genre include Piano Magic (Low Birth Weight is my go-to feeling bad album, lol), Pale Saints, Lush, Blonde Redhead. Their 2004 album and earlier. I don't like their later stuff!
  • don't know, I thought I had a third one? o.O I listen to a lot of other metal, especially prog lately, but I guess you're off the hook from my rambling now, because I don't really have as much to say about the other ones, haha!
Anyway, feel free to reply with your favorite genres! You can be as niche and specific as you want, or as vague and broad as "rock" if that's how you feel. Whatever!

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lmao yall aint ready for my eccentric, somewhat obscure music tastes. hand me the aux cord and you’ll regret it in seconds

emperor. good shit. basically the pioneers of the genre because i refuse to count venom as black metal. emperor has the sickest riffs around.

bathory. of course. i'd have to be burned at the stake if i didn’t include them. not actually symphonic but that’s okay they still count anyways

limbonic art. jesus christ i could literally write you an entire essay on why these guys are so great. probably the best instrumentals i’ve ever heard on a black metal album. keyboard go DUNDUDNGUDNDUNDUN. moon in the scorpio is good listen too but in abhorrence dementia is just so iconic i had to put it on here

ceremonial castings. my gateway drug into symphonic black metal. probably my favorite in the list since they got me into the genre. they’re american and not scandinavian buuut they get an honorary admission into the hall of fame because they’re great

honorary edm/synth category because i've been getting into it lately

boy harsher because boy harsher is hot

okay i guess portishead and massive attack can have spots on the list too

i also have an indie/acoustic psychedelic folk lore list but i think for the sanity of everyone involved i'll stop here

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