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Alex Lockhart (played by Hurricane_Lance)

Story: The year is currently 2030. For the past several years agents of various govement agencies, both official and unofficial have sought out various villains of the world, and in some cases, the galaxy at large. Over the years they have managed to capture many various villains. They were more heck bent on capturing them than normal as they had a new item at the disposal. A rehabilitation device designed simply to 'reprogram' people with their main focus being these villains. Some the device worked on. Others escaped these organizations grasp. And others still were just too set in their ways to be so simply reprogramed. There has been one they captured even before the device was made and they desire greatly to try it on it's hard to fit a piece of head gear on basically a oozing puddle. The one they wished to try this device on was the symbiotic lifeform known simple regardless of it's incanartaion as Venom. Arguably one of the biggest menaces to the world and possibly the galaxy at large. They had tried numerous ways to use the device on it including having people willingly subject themselves to bonding with the life form so they could put the device on. But venom knew something was up and just simply refused to merge with these willing hosts. They also tried freezing it in cryostasis in a shape they forced it to take so they could fit the device on it. But venom would always manage to make himself into another shape that made it impossible to put the device on before it would actually be frozen. This is the story of various agencies attempts at trying to find a way to 'reprogram' Venom primarily as well as other villains.

My First Post:
Location: Inside the primary laboratory where the villain reprogramming has been taking place. Located just on the outskirts of new York city.

Inside a cryostasis chamber resided the currently frozen symbiotic lifeform venom. Self shaped once more in a shape that made attaching the reprogramming device to it impossible. It had been about a week since the scientists last attempt and now they have brought in a fresh mind to see if he could get any ideas. A new scientist fresh out of college and mind filled with the latest technologies and advances in science that the school was teaching. He stood there silently in front of the stasis chamber holding the menace.

"Well...from what I heard...your a tricky bugger. But I'll find a way to reprogram you."

Just then a phone nearby rang as the scientist went and answered it.

"Laborartory 5-C. This is Sorenson...yes I'm still trying to figure a way. I've been reading the reports from previous attempts so I don't make the same mistakes as others did. Yes sir. Will do Mr. Fury sir. I'll do that first thing in the morning. I was just about to punch out for the night to rest my brain so I could start fresh. I will sir. I'll be sure not to fail you. Very well sir. Good evening to you as well."

He then hung up the phone as he went back to the chamber to stare at the symbiotic lifeform once more.

"Seems SHIELD has some high hopes and faith in me. And I don't plan on letting them lucky for tonight though..."

He then patted a hand on the chamber, a couple
Of his fingers accidentally hitting a small button on the side of the chamber as he turned and walked out of the lab clicking off the light as he went. A few moments later condensation began to form on the chamber as it slowly thawed out as the scientist had accidentally hit the button to free the contents of the chamber. A few minutes later Venom began slowly moving a bit as it became reanimated. As it did so, the chambers door slowly opened allowing it to get out. It then began crawling along the floor slowly then slipped out a nearby window and escaped to the outside.


Alex was outside walking past the lab silently as he passed the lone scientist who had just gotten off of work. He simply nodded as he continued walking in silence. A few moments later a rustling in the bushes near by caught his ear as he turned to look. His fists tensed up a bit as he was ready for a fight. Je slowly walked towards the bushes and peered into them for a moment before shrugging a bit and walking away.

"Must have been hearing things."

As he was walking off the said symbiotic lifeform slipped out of the bushes and silently hitched a ride stealthfully in the hood of alex's hooded vest.
Gaia (played anonymously)

Gaia rushed down the corridor, the S.H.E.I.L.D icon clearly printed on a medallion scraped across Gaia's armor on it's chain link necklace. Gaia's new bosses had hired Gaia to protect the facility and it's experiments, at the moment red alarms around the facility were active and blaring. Gaia passed a sign that read "Laboratory 5-C".

Gaia burst throughout the reinforced doors, it's armor was only scratched. Scientists of ranging age quickly moved out of the way of the metal creature. Gaia's helmet quickly scanned the empty containment unit, finding traces left behind from "venom".

15mins later Gaia traced the experiment to some bushes, only seconds to late.
Alex Lockhart (played by Hurricane_Lance) Topic Starter

Alex continued walking in silence, unaware of his hitchhiker. As he walked deeper into the city he began walking down alleyways being one to not like walking along the streets. As he walked down one of the alleyways, suddenly all he saw was darkness as the symbiot made it's presence known and flew over his head. Growling in anger, Alex suddenly began pulling as the ooze trying to get it off but to no avail. The symbiot spread it's black oozing mass all over Alex's body soon engulfing him completely as Alex fell to one knee clutching the sides of his head. A moment later, he stood, a low guttural growl escaping his throat as he looked towards the rooftops and smirked in a sickening sort of way. The menace known as Venom had now been reborn.
Gaia (played anonymously)

Gaia had traced it's target through a series of alleys. Gaia heard some low growling and began to rush at a hurried pace. Ducking behind a wall Gaia could tell that the source of the sound was coming from the alley beyond. Gaia drew it's sword and shield, recalling it's orders.

"return the subject to the facility but do not harm it, we want it alive if possible"
Those were the exact words of one of the head scientists.

'return it without harm'... This will be interesting

Gaia twisted around the corner, just enough to see the target. Though it had taken a new host Gaia's scanners went nuts, finding that the entire outer shell of the new being consisted of the target yet the inner core was that of some poor human.
Alex Lockhart (played by Hurricane_Lance) Topic Starter

He stood there silently for a moment before slowly turning looking towards the corner where Gaia was peeking from, a low guttural growl escaping his mouth. After a moment, he turned back around and leapt up onto the wall of the building and started climbing at a quick pace towards the roof. Upon arrival he would run across and dive towards the street below before firing a web line and swinging off at a quick pace.
Gaia (played anonymously)

Gaia rushed after venom, a mix of training genetic ability and the small rockets in it's shoes allowed Gaia to keep good pace, but not at the same pace. Multiple times Gaia lost the target, found it, and lost it again. Gaia took shortcuts through alleys parks, and a times over unsuspecting cabs. But Gaia never truly lost venom, and all the while Gaia was planing, scraping, and rethinking ideas about how to catch Venom.
Alex Lockhart (played by Hurricane_Lance) Topic Starter

After a bit, he swung full circle around a building and attached himself to a wall a little ways up as the symbiotic lifeform withdrew revealing Alex's head as he spoke.

"Well. My apologies... I would have stayed and chatted back at the alley but this thing on me had an interesting story to tell me. And I wanted to hear it before I talked with you. Seems your tracking this thing on me."

He then stood up on the wall as he folded his arms over his chest.

"Enlighten me. Why exactly do you seek it? Yeah it seems it's had a rough track record but there is a reason why it seems to avoid S.H.I.E.L.D.'s reprogramming device with such tenacity."
Gaia (played anonymously)

Gaia slowed to a halt, It's right boot caused steam to rise from a nearby puddle as the rockets cooled. Gaia looked up at it's target, the scanners in Gaia's helmet worked frantically to gain as much information as possible in what could be a short time. After hearing the boy speak (someone by the name of Alex Lockhart it's scanners varified) Gaia paused. Taking an inhuman leap to the top of a fire escape just below Alex on the ajacent wall Gaia spoke, it's voice was genderless, monotone and electronic...
"I'm only following orders, I have to bring the creature to the lab unscathed." Gaia paused again "What those humans want to do with it is none of my concern."
Gaia's scanners finally settled, it's memory was filled with government records, photos, videos, and even variou receipts involving Alex Lockhart.
Alex Lockhart (played by Hurricane_Lance) Topic Starter

Alex listened quietly as he looked 'up' a bit keeping his eyes on Gaia as the machine like being relocated to the fire escape across the way.

"Sound like me a bit there. Just doing what your told with no regards for the reasoning. Well you can go tell your superiors they can relax a bit. Given what this...thing has told me of S.H.I.E.L.D. I doubt they will but you can still tell them. Given this things track record it seems it's already reprogrammed itself. least a little bit."

He then turned and walked up the wall towards the roof.

"It also says of you really want to follow us that badly...feel free to. But stay put of the way. It has some old scores to settle."
Gaia (played anonymously)

Gaia paused, it watched as Alex climbed the wall. A light chime almost inaudible came from Gaia's helmet, a sign that the email with a video of the entire conversation. As Venom/Alex reached the roof Gaia sprang into action. Spinning It flipped to hang from the outside of the fire escape on which she stood, It began to jump up between the various levels of the fire place (it was quicker then stairs) reach the roof on the other side of the alley. after stepping back a few paces Gaia ran a few paces before jumping onto the other building.
Alex Lockhart (played by Hurricane_Lance) Topic Starter

As he arrived on the roof, he looked to Gaia and smirked lightly. As he did so, the symbiotic replaced itself over Alex's face.

"And one more thing... We're pondering on a name change so if you start to hear less 'Venom' and more of someone'll probally be able to guess why..."

He then took a running start before leaping from the roof of the building and firing off a webline as he began swinging off.
Gaia (played anonymously)

Gaia followed close behind, after messing with some controls on it's wrist Gaia mimicked Venom's webshooting with a grappling hook that shot from it's wrist. It was far from the speed and agility of Venom's web, but it allowed Gaia to keep up better then on foot. "Where do you plan on going?" As they swung her helmet tracked their location and direction on a map.
Alex Lockhart (played by Hurricane_Lance) Topic Starter

He glanced back over his shoulder before flipping off his web line and bounded off of a near by building and down an alley way. As he did he spoke.

"Just handle business. No place in particular."
Gaia (played anonymously)

"Very well"
Her helmet pinged again, signaling new orders.
"Apperantly I am to moniter you for the time being. S.H.E.I.L.D doesn't like it but they don't want to send a full task force here if they don't have to"
Alex Lockhart (played by Hurricane_Lance) Topic Starter

He stopped on the side of a building and turned around to look at her as he spoke again in response.

"S.H.I.E.L.D. Can give you all the orders they want. We could care less. But we do want you to know that if you so choose, you may help. But do not get in our way. And you can also tell General Fury to take his nice shiney rank and shove it somewhere. Cause as far as we are concerned, if he's half the man he makes himself out to be, he'd come at us personally."

He then chuckled a bit.

"But as such is the militaristic mind of a man. Send the lackeys and take the glory. Now...if you'll excuse us a moment..."

As he finished speaking, a scream could be heard from the alley way across the street.

"Well...that's my cue."

He then leapt off the building and swung across the street to the other alley way. Just as he disappeared into the shadows, more screams were heard. This time from a group of men. It was promptly followed by gun shots then silence. A moment later, a quite startled looking woman came from the alleyway, looking about cautiously before running up the street.
Gaia (played anonymously)

Gaia let out a small, almost inaudible "heh.."
The begining of a laugh? Impossible! I was trained and created to be emotionless.
Shaking it's head a bit Gaia followed it's strained aquantance into the darkness. She removed her sword, not so much as to help then to watch, and stopping things if they got to carried away.
Alexander Jacen Lockhart (played by Hurricane_Lance) Topic Starter

After a few moments, Alex had had already handled most of the group and turned his attention towards Gaia with what one could presume was a smirk for the symbiotic being.

"Oh...I'm sorry. Did you wanna join in? You can have what's left if you wish."

(Hey. Sorry it's been awhile. Going through and revamping my characters a bit including giving them full names. Heh.)
Gaia (played anonymously)

((that's ok I don't mind, it's the holidays after all))

Gaia half growled half groaned at the overconfident criminal. Stepping out of the shadow it quickly use the flat of it's blade to trip two runners, flipping them in the proccess. They layed flat on the ground groaning from a broken rib or two. Stepping around them, cold to their pain, the metallic being walked up to it's questionable responsibility.

"I still don't trust you, a few petty criminals is one thing...."

((Lol lots of wordplay today, by "questionable responsibility" and "overconfident criminal" I mean venom))
Alexander Jacen Lockhart (played by Hurricane_Lance) Topic Starter

He chuckled a bit at the beings words.

"Yes...a few petty criminals is one thing. They were just on the way. We have something bigger in mind. We were thinking Rhino...since he seems a tad hard for S.H.I.E.L.D. To get on their own. Besides with you guys taking everyone else, it limits our selections."
Gaia (played anonymously)

"Rhino is strong, are you sure you can defeat him? After all you only... Obtained your knew powers an hour or two ago?"

Gaia sheathed it's sword knelt to examine one of the more badly injured petty criminals.

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