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I might be missing this, so if it's already a thing please feel free to disregard/delete this, but I would LOVE to see an audit trail of Group Invites. It would help to have a sort of event log that shows who invited someone, on what day, etc to be able to better track things in an Invite Only environment. Not sure if that would break any anonymity or not but just my two cents on the matter.

Thank you!

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This would be a nice group feature. I know that under the 'Invite New Members' dropdown it has pending invites at the bottom. They go away once the invite is accepted though. It would be nice if they were logged and archived for the group admin to see..

Also, it would be nice for the group administration could remove dead invites by others. I have one invite pending that I cannot remove even though the inviter is no longer part of the group, and the invitee doesn't meet the group criteria.

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