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Ivy and Kass (played by Faedreamer)

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The night had just begun, and Ivy had already had a Halloween and a half today, full of scares, laughs, tricks, and treats. She was glad she got to hit up a few houses earlier in the day, because now it was time for her own event. She had been preparing for this for months, buying and setting up decorations, purchasing candy and making homemade treats. Ivy loved Halloween, and she was going to go all out this year, especially since her parents weren't home and she had the house all to herself.
The flyers she had set up around town advertised that the event would be open starting at 8:00 P.M., that tricks and treats would both be provided, and that it was open to people of all ages, and all species too. Humans, supernatural beings, robots, aliens, animals... Anyone could wander in if they wanted to. Ivy had been a bit worried at first, that she wouldn't be able to get the word out past the town where she lived. Luckily, due to a little thing called plot convenience, she had found a few of those weird dimensional rift things lying around and had tossed some flyers into them. Hopefully they would be able to reach a wide variety of people that way. How they got there didn't need to make sense; it was Halloween!
Outside on the front lawn, plastic skeletons stood rattling in the wind beside their scarecrow companions. Zombie hands reached up from the dull grass, and an electronic guy with an axe roared and swung his weapon. Along the path up to the front steps sat rows of fake skulls and very real jack-o-lanterns, all of whom had eerily glowing eyes, and on the large front porch some patio furniture was set up, along with a table of treats. A young woman stood there, dressed in the old-fashioned garb of a stereotypical vampire, to greet incoming guests, though she was not the host of the event. Kay was one of Ivy's closest friends and had been more than happy to help organize the event. An orange banner hung behind her, large, handpainted orange letters spelling out "HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!"; paper ghosts and bats hung in the windows, illuminated by strings of orange LEDs.
Ivy herself was still inside, making last minute adjustments to the decorations within the house and organizing her stash of treats for the dozenth time. Everything had to be perfect, after all.
Now, though, the large clock in the front hall struck eight, and Ivy trotted into the foyer, dressed in her costume. Earlier that day, she had gone out Trick-or-Treating dressed as Velma from Scooby Doo. For tonight's event, though, she had swapped out her previous costume for a much more elaborate one. It was perhaps a bit unusual, but Ivy was proud nonetheless, for she had made the costume herself. Colourful attire, pointy shoes, a jingly hat, and a mask... She was dressed as a jester. As for her best friend Kass, they were nowhere to be seen... For now. Rest assured, the ghost would not be missing out on any festivities.
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Patches (played by GingerHades)

Did they appear out of the dimensional rifts? Were they nearby? Nobody could say for sure, as Patches made their grand appearance out of seemingly nowhere.

So their story seemed to go. Nobody knows how the doll got there, why it's there, but it's here anyway.

Patches stumbled through the lawn, minding the zombies rising up from the dirt. They took a moment to wave at the animatronic axe-wielder, before sprinting up towards the perch.

"Hellooooo, New-Friend!" Patches yanked on their string to greet the vampiric one on the porch. "Trick or Treeeeeaaaat!"

Unaware that their good friends Ivy and Kass were around, Patches held out their patchworked pillowcase with an adorable little smile.
Kay (played by Faedreamer) Topic Starter

"Oh hey there, little guy," Kay greeted Patches with a relaxed smile. "Happy Halloween! I'm Kay; nice to meet you. If you'd like to meet the host, Ivy, she's inside." She wasn't aware that Ivy, Kass, and Patches were already acquainted; maybe Ivy had mentioned befriending a talking ragdoll once, but Kay certainly didn't put two and two together right now.
Reaching into a nearby bowl to grab a handful of candy, she continued, "Or, if you're in a hurry, feel free to just head out after— uh, can you even eat candy?" The question came out sounding a bit more rude than she had intended it to. Patches didn't look like they could eat anything, but Kay wanted to ask instead of just making an assumption. Sometimes, though, she didn't think things through before saying them, so her phrasing was not the best.
Patches (played by GingerHades)

Patches didn't know Ivy by name, (though they did know each other) but the sound of new friends was too tempting to resist! As they went to invite itself inside, they were quickly stopped in their tracks by Kay's question. They turned to her with a smile, pulling their string.

"Noooo. Patches likes Trick or Treatiiing," They explained, pulling their string again as its duration had expired. "Patches gonna give candy to friiieeennds!"

And after explaining their whole situation, Patches allowed Kay to put a handful of goodies into the pillowcase, nodding thankfully, before focusing on who was behind that door.
Ivy and Kass (played by Faedreamer) Topic Starter

"Aw, that's really nice of you," Kay said. She deposited an extra-large handful of candies into the pillowcase, including lollipops, mini chocolate bars, and packages of Skittles, M&Ms, and sour patch kids. "Here you go, little guy. Have fun in there." She grinned at Patches, an amiable expression even with the sharp fangs protruding from her mouth.
Just inside the door, Ivy was watching the activity on the porch. She was surprised, and yet overjoyed, when she saw that Patches was her very first guest. That ragdoll really had a knack for just showing up sometimes, and today was the perfect day for it. Ivy wasn't sure if this had happened by coincidence, or if Patches had found one of the flyers advertising the event (could they even read?) but regardless, she was glad they were here. Now she waited, hand on the doorknob, until just the right moment... Then suddenly swung the door open right before Patches could try it themself.
"BOO!" She shouted, striking a dramatic pose. A mischievous grin was on her face, though it was obscured by her jester's mask... Then again, the smile splitting the mask itself was even wider and, perhaps, spookier.
"Hey there, Patchy! Happy Halloween!" She greeted cheerfully.

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