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I'm writing some stories, and I was thinking, "Hey, Anakisuto! Why don't you ask other people for ideas?" So I'm asking you guys for ideas. My only rule is that I can't make a story about something so silly that it can't possibly have any "scare" value. Also, I don't write about explicit stuff. I'm making them strictly PG-13.

Credit will be given for ideas, and if I want to post the story online, I will ask you for permission.
What about a forest that has magical rainstorms, which the people consider a blessing - but if they don't gather the water properly, it builds into puddles that are portals to another world?
Anakisuto Topic Starter

All right! I'll get writing!
What about story about a nightmare god tormenting and haunting an unlucky individual, with each part getting more and more twisted as the god becomes more directly involved.
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I've actually done that before! The name of the story was The Cult of Night, and that's how I came up with the demon Orithaumos, the story's villain.

Jacob Wright, the protagonist, is suspicious of his mother, who turns out to be directly controlled by the demon. When he investigates the church's basement, the suspected meeting place of the cult he knew his mother was in, he finds Orithaumos and is shortly "killed" by it.

Killed is in quotes because usually in the universe all of my stories take place in, if a person's soul is taken from their body, they die. But Orithaumos uses the empty husks of its victims to lure others to the same fate.

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