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deleted cuz i feel cringey (played anonymously)

Not enough people were interested in the RP and one member of the RP hasn't been active in a while.
deleted cuz i feel cringey (played anonymously) Topic Starter

(( Please excuse the character I'm using, I have no character slots...
Öh, hðñ꧆l¥? . . . ÐïÐ ¥ðµ ñð† rêåÐ †hê ¢ðlðñ¥ þðl?


Space Colony Academy is a lovely establishment that teaches the children of the planet Morgxianona how to work with their new found powers that were given to them upon arriving to the planet by the galaxy subway system from other planets such as Mars, Earth, and other long named, not as important as Morgxianona, planets. Parents of Morgxianona have no time for children, so the academy houses them and takes care of them as if they are their own. You'll be paid to send your children to the Space Colony Academy by the owner himself, Corgaz Cougar Eberhardt. It is a deal you cannot leave behind! So, please check out our informational immersive virtual reality experience on your Discordian Virtual Voice and Touch Reality by scanning the QR-7 code below.

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((this was a joke, because i had no code to put there, lol...))

This story is based off of "The Umbrella Academy" and you do not have to be familiar with it to play in this roleplay. All you have to do is follow the plot given to you at this end of this post, keep to the rules in-place, be nice out-of-character and enjoy the roleplay!

- do not godmod/overpower, keep fair okay?
- no "lol random" people, please, oh my gosh...
- be nice OOC because that's important you know...
- don't use astriks and (too many) one-liners.
- "Said" not "Says" or "Say"
- if you are to go away on hiatus, let someone know so we can continue
- keep it under PG-13+ (no s*xy stuff, etc...) (Violence, alcohol, and some, moderated gore, is okay. Swearing is as well.)
- romance isn't disallowed, but rather stray away from if possible or can.
- i have the right to tell you to leave the RP if you do not follow the rules or cause drama
- though it says "Jump right in", you must show off your character first, then get approval from me. Then you can join easily and quickly.

5 out of the 7 Eberhardts Children of the Space Colony Academy in Morgxianona, have all grown-up now and they...aren't really together much anymore, they aren't the most "let's spend time together with family" type of people. Corgaz Cougar has recently died and the Eberhardts reunite at his funeral, which is at the Space Colony Academy, where they were raised. It gets really awkward when one of the Eberhardts ends up reappearing after going missing years ago as a young boy, and one of the Eberhardts can now see the dead Eberhardt sibling that died, and no one else can see that one. Turns out, Earth has blown up, Mars is experiencing poverty and Morgxianona in 2 weeks is crawling straight towards an apocalypse that will wipe out most of everyone on it. So the Eberhardts have to team up, get through their differences and become a family once again, before the apocalypse strikes Morgxianona and causes the planet to die...

Character 1 | Y/C Eberhardt
Able to grab and hold things ten times their weight, super strength and strong, abnormally tall and muscular which is hard to hide.

Character 2| Y/C Eberhardt
Able to manipulate items, can control where they go, especially weapons

Character 3 | Declan Sharpe Eberhardt ( played by Arcol )
Able to control minds with a simple phrase of their choice, this cannot be changed at other times, it has to be the simple phrase.

Character 4 | Y/C Eberhardt
Able to see ghosts, originally could not see Wilson Eberhardt (Character 6) but ended up seeing him one night.

Character 5 | Luciel Eberhardt ( Played by me, anonymously )
Able to teleport and time-travel, originally didn't know how to time-travel until accidentally doing it trying to spite Mr. Cougar at dinnertime.

Character 6 | Wilson Eberhardt ( Played by sarcasyms )
Able to release octopus tentacles out of his stomach, died later on and is a ghost now, can communicate with Y/C Eberhardt (Character 4) and possess others (Ask players before doing this.)

Character 7 | Y/C Eberhardt
Doesn't seem to have powers, but is interested in music, specifically a white violin. Powers are uncontrollable and could destroy many things if used for the first time. (You see where this is going, don't you?)


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