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The idea actually belongs to AARIC but he INSISTED that I post the actual suggestion instead.

What we mean by this, is a little description/elaboration for each friend. I rather like how compact and simple the design of the Frienemy panels are, so maybe not something that's directly on the page. Hover-popup-text (not alt text) might lag some browsers, so maybe something like the Java-Image-Popup screen to display the text.

It could be used for anything. Like how the two characters met, or why he/she considers them a 'friend/enemy' (or even if he/she truly considers them a friend), etc.
Kim Site Admin

It's definitely something to think about. There are certainly a number of people I have who are not quite friends and not quite enemies and it would be nice to specify.

I think what you're referring to with the popup screen is the way gallery images are brought up as an overlay? I was at first very confused because there's no Java anywhere on this site. The trouble with doing an overlay like that is that the character names and portraits are links to the friend's actual page, and if clicking them brought up a note about how the characters knew each other, they couldn't be links anymore. The note would need to either be a tooltip text or be something that appeared directly on the page as a result of a checkbox option, "Show notes", or something like that.
AJ_89 Topic Starter

Oh! Sorry, I thought those gallery overlay windows were usually done with javascript. I know nothing.

I figure it could either be done one of two ways. Either something similar to the Game Tags (where if you click the chesspiece, it brings you to a list of all players in that game, but if you click the name of the game below the piece, it brings you to the game's official site), OR the Icon and Name pops up with the description in the overlay thing, with a link to the full character's profile included as well. Maybe just two simple columns in the popup--to the left is the Icon, and Name which link to the character profile, and to the right, the Description if the player chose to include one.
Kim Site Admin

Oh, they are for sure done with javascript! But not Java. Java and javascript are (confusingly) completely different and unrelated languages. ;) It took me a little while to reorient my brain and realize you meant javascript. Been programming too much lately, sorry!

Yeah, those are all possibilities. I think for the moment I am going to avoid going back and adding layers of complication to existing widgets until a few new features are complete, but this is one of those things that could easily get revisited down the line.
AJ_89 Topic Starter

Aaah! Okay.

I figured. I just thought it'd be interesting to suggest.

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