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Crowley (played by sarcasyms)

a/n: this idea is stolen but eh whatever

1. No NSFW asks.
2. Beware of Good Omens Spoilers
3. This is based off the show, not the book
4. You don't need to know about Good Omens to ask
5. Replies may be slow.
Aegean Apirary (played anonymously)

    The blue, Mini Demon around the age of 15, peered up at Crowley with curiosity.
"You're not from earth, nor the realm of Alakactrica, are you?"
He said to him, his voice having a british accent.
Crowley (played by sarcasyms) Topic Starter

Crowley looked down at the demon. “Sorry, the realm of wot? Well, you could say that I’m not from Earth, yeah. ‘Been here for a while, though. Some people’s saying that I’ve gone native. It’s better than Hell, if anything. Hell doesn’t have good beds, cars, wine, all that good stuff.

Oh and don’t even get me started on Heaven. I’ve been there only once, 0/10 stars, horrible service. They tried to set me on fire. Granted, it’s becuase they thought I was one of their kind who betrayed them, but that’s neither here nor there.”
Aegean Apirary (played anonymously)

"Alakactrica, it's the realm I'm from. Nevermind it..."
He muttered, brushing the Alakactrica thing aside.

"Hell is very hot, I've gone to vacation there once. Not fun."
"My realm is very cold and the temperature difference between my realm and Hell made me sick."
He said quietly.

"I've never went to Heaven, I'm assuming they wouldn't like me though." He added.

"Are you fond of any teas?" He asked, since he was fond of White Tea himself.
Crowley (played by sarcasyms) Topic Starter

"Ah, damn, yeah, that happens. Hell where I'm from isn't always hot, though. It's more like a musty basement office."

"Yeah, Heaven definitely wouldn't like you, but that's alright, they're all uptight hypocritical wankers up there anyway," The demon grimaced. "Especially Gabriel, that bastard."

"I don't drink tea often, and half the time I don't pay attention to the kind. Not that I can taste the difference anyway," Crowley said sheepishly, remembering Aziraphale berating them for putting too much sugar.
Aegean Apirary (played anonymously)

"Interesting." Aegean grew curious of Crowley's adventures and whom he had met, but that was too many questions he'd save for another day if they met agian.

"Well, I really must get going, for my questions are beginning to be too many to answer. Farewell." The Mini Demon tucked his hands into his pockets and walked off, wonder where he was going?
Crowley (played by sarcasyms) Topic Starter

“‘Right, then… hope you have a good day,” Crowley said.

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