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Klaus Hargreeves (played anonymously)

In the alleyway streets of the city, you find yourself near a dumpster with smoke easing from its' lid. There is a sign taped on the dumpster with the words 'Meditation and Just Fun Stuff :)' written in black ink and seems to be decorated with seashells. Just before you decided that maybe this isn't the best place to be, a man with black hair and stubble crawls to the top of the dumpster from out of it and looks at you with bloodshot eyes, a cigarette in his mouth. At first, he just stared for a second, then he remembered he placed the sign outside and his face lit up like the cigarette he was holding. "Oh hey!" Klaus holds up one hand with the words 'Hello' tattooed on it.

"Welcome to my Dumpster Shop." Klaus leaned on the dumpster and waved.
It seemed there was a ghost beside him, though no one could see or hear him except for Klaus. His name was Ben.

Ben looked at Klaus, not have noticed the person who arrived before the two, since he was concerned for Klaus.
"Not you." Klaus said and then looked back at the person.

"What do you need? I've got cigarettes, alcohol... Snowglobes... Anything you need." Klaus smiled.
Mrs. Mayberry (played by Astrobeans)

There was a ritual circle as it glowed red then a red mist surrounded the circle. Walking from the red mist, a demon with violet skin appeared, her hooves making a Clickety Clack sound. She stared at Klaus with yellow pupils.
Klaus Hargreeves (played anonymously) Topic Starter

Mrs. Mayberry wrote:
There was a ritual circle as it glowed red then a red mist surrounded the circle. Walking from the red mist, a demon with violet skin appeared, her hooves making a Clickety Clack sound. She stared at Klaus with yellow pupils.

Klaus rubbed his eyes and looked at the demonic, goat-like woman that had magically appeared out of nowhere. "Well hello, milady!" Klaus did an overdramatic bow to be friendly, "What are thy seeking in my thy estabthinement?" He said in the worse possible medieval dialect he could because he had no idea how to use said dialect. "I have a bunch of junk, but like, good junk. Trust me~" Klaus leaned on the dumpster again.
Mrs. Mayberry (played by Astrobeans)

She looked at him and chuckled at his attempt of a medieval dialect. Mrs. Mayberry smiled, her sharp yellow teeth showing. "I would like some cigarettes", she said, "I never got to try them when I was alive."
Klaus Hargreeves (played anonymously) Topic Starter

Klaus nodded, practically dived into the dumpster and began rummaging around. "Where did I put those...ah!" He came back holding a box of cigarettes. He held them out to the lady, "Here you go, madamlady." Klaus grinned, "I don't accept payments, only donations, in that jar there." Klaus poked towards the jar. "So yeah, if you don't wanna pay, whatever, not gonna sue you or any weird shit." Klaus leaned back a little after the demon had took the box.

"This is why you're broke all the time, Klaus." Ben rolled his eyes, sitting on the edge of the dumpster. Klaus glared at him silently one time but didn't say anything. "Point is, this is a place for relaxation, meditation, whatever the hell ASMR means~" Klaus said, looking at his hand for no apparent reason as he talked.
Mrs. Mayberry (played by Astrobeans)

"I simply must donate something", Mrs. Mayberry said after she received the pack of cigarettes. She summoned her purse into her hand and pulled some sort of currency. "Here", she put a 20 dollar in the jar, "That is all I had from when I died. This money also has no use in Hell."
Klaus Hargreeves (played anonymously) Topic Starter

Klaus raised a brow, interested. "So, you're from Hell? Ha ha, never met anyone from Hell before! Nice to meet you." Klaus scratched at his arm without even noticing he was doing it. "I just kind of thought you were a ghost when you said something about not being alive, because, well, this guy, and by this guy, I mean me, can see ghosts." Klaus grinned a bit. "What is it like in Hell? Is the weather hot? Is everything on fire? Is it 'Oops, All Demons!' there?" Klaus said curiously.

Ben looked at Klaus quietly, shaking his head at how casual Klaus had gotten to seeing things that weren't normally seen. Which then again, Ben had seen things too and was calm about it.
Mrs. Mayberry (played by Astrobeans)

"There is like weather there and it depends on the individual", Mrs. Mayberry said as she chuckled once again. "5 to 10 degrees more than you are comfortable with and the whole population are demons though our king is a fallen angel", she added. "Now I believed you said that you could see the souls of the dead", Mrs. Mayberry said, "That is a interesting ability for a mortal to have."
The soldier waited his turn. He was sure as hell tired of the class six on post, so he was here to buy some Jim Beam and some Skoal wintergreen.
Klaus Hargreeves (played anonymously) Topic Starter

Klaus nodded at Mrs. Mayberry, "Interesting, interesting." He shook his head, then noticed Seth and raised his brows at the sight of a new person.

Klaus waved over at Seth, "Hello! Welcome!" He said, before looking at Mrs. Mayberry; "Thanks, I was born with that. It sucks actually, very scary, especially when I was young, but I know how to stop myself from seeing them so I'm good." Klaus shook his head. He then looked back at Seth, "What do you need?" Klaus grinned, holding up the hand with the word 'Hello' tattooed to it.
Seth grinned "I saw some ads for your store. I'm sick of the class six on post, so I was wondering if you had some Johnnie Walker Red Label and some Jim Beam sir"

Seth had spent his entire adult life in the military, so calling civilians "sir" and "ma'am" was basically compulsory by nature at this point as was his diction, inflection, and posture.
Klaus Hargreeves (played anonymously) Topic Starter

Klaus looked around, then dived into the dumpster once more. "Let's see, I'm sure I have at least one of those things in here..." He muttered, scrambling around like a raccoon or a possum inside the trash. He pulled out both, "Ah ha! Here we are!" Klaus practically glomped onto the side of the dumpster and held out the items to Seth. "Here we go! Johnnie Walker Red Label and some Jim Beam." He proudly said.

Ben glanced over at Seth and then at Ms. Mayberry, then looked at Klaus and rolled his eyes.
The soldier grinned and took his items "how much are they, sir?" he inquired. His military bearing was basically unbreakable even in casual situations with people he knew weren't part of the military. If Klaus had been a soldier, sailor, airman, Marine, or coast guardsman, surely Seth would have been more at ease (pun not intended) and his speech would have been chock full of different profanities and the such.
Klaus Hargreeves (played anonymously) Topic Starter

"Ah, don't worry about it. Free." Klaus shook his head, "Donations are accepted though." He nodded towards the jar.
Klaus looked Seth up and down for a moment and his smile faded. It seemed this guy was part of the military.

Klaus shook his head, no, now isn't the time to think about... Dave.
He then dug around in the dumpster more and pulled out one of his own cigarettes and lit it up with a lighter.

He popped it in his mouth and grinned again, though it kind of seem forced.

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