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Nikini (played anonymously)

“You’re such an asshole.”

Y/C and Nikini never got along. Living in a small town, they’d known each other since childhood, and even then they were said to be sworn enemies. Competing in all school settings and even waging friend group wars, it’s just the way the world worked in their eyes. They were meant to be enemies. Though, after graduating high school, Nikini announced she would be moving away for college. Upon hearing the news, Y/C felt a strange dread. Why were they so sad? They thought that they hated Nikini. Deciding to try and change her mind about the move, Y/C spends the summer trying to win her over. Though, with spending more time with together, Y/C and Nikini find themselves slowly falling in love. But will Y/C’s efforts to make Nikini stay be all for naught? Find out!

Heyyy please dm me if you’re interested in this plot! My character is 18, so I’d prefer if you’re a was as well. I don’t do too well with super NSFW scenes, so as long as we keep it fade to black or strictly fluffy romance, I’ll be content.
Magic 00%
No magic at all.
Technology 50%
Combat 10%
Small possibility of combat, usually brief and not detailed.
Romance 80%
Romance will be a major feature of this plot.

Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, Will be played one-on-one.

Nikini (played anonymously) Topic Starter

Nikini (played anonymously) Topic Starter

Nikini (played anonymously) Topic Starter


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