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edit: look at the most recent post for info on a new type of commish (insert sunglasses lenny here)

buy art from me so i can buy art from other people. it's a mutually beneficial transaction. now let me clear my throat and go into business mode

TOS. Additional rule for RPR: No erotic characters or groups renowned for being erotic. (fetishes of slavery, bdsm, vore, pregnancy, etc)
Commission Form

All prices are in USD. Payment is done exclusively through PayPal and is expected in full after the commission is accepted. (Buyer is to send payment via Goods & Services. Do not send via Friends & Family.) Some commissions may entail extra charges in the case of excessive detail, complicated designs, or other add-ons requiring more work than usual. I specialize in drawing feminine or NB characters, but I will consider drawing masculine characters on a case-by-case basis. I do not currently draw furries at this time.

PORTRAIT (headshot - bust; hands are not included unless at my discretion): $35-40
Example 1
Example 2
Example 3: for those who don't want DARK BROODING EDGELORDS
Luscinioide Topic Starter

also currently running a deal on a valentine's day YCH at the moment ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) you can find the deets here
Luscinioide Topic Starter

ALSO also doing a deal on animated portrait things. they're inked in a sort of monochromatic manga style. 20 buckarooskis for now while i'm fiddling with the style.
Luscinioide Topic Starter

some animated portraits i've done lately. as detailed above, these are $20 (twenty) buckarooskis until i grow a spine and raise my prices to what they should be. first example is a bust, however, and would cost $25-30

(last is a commission for vympyre)
Luscinioide Topic Starter

finished commission for silentruth (▀U ▀-͠)

Keiko Irikah (played by silentruth)

Squeee * v *
She's perfect ~ thank you!!
Luscinioide Topic Starter

aggressively plays harmonica in thread

finished commission for miarup

Luscinioide wrote:
aggressively plays harmonica in thread

finished commission for miarup


Absolutely crushed this commission, one of my favorite pieces of Sloane! Thank you again!
Luscinioide Topic Starter

tap dances poorly on thread

these options are all still open, come get some nerds

edit: syke slots have been taken thx
H'OH check your DM =D

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