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Sanne Moderator

Hello hello!

I'm looking to fund Epicness for the group The Easel. I'm offering a full-sized VR oil painting, valued at $200+, for one Greater Hourglass of Epicness (1 year of Epicness for a group). That is an almost 50% discount!

The painting will be delivered in a 4K and 8K format, suitable for real life canvas printing, as well as a 3D model to use in applications such as Blender and VR environments.

Examples of my art:

VR painting of a gorgeous mountainous sunset. Gradients of yellow, orange and deep reds paint a stark contrast to the pitch black mountain outlines. In front of the mountains is darkness, with only wisps of clouds catching some of the orange light that makes its way past the silhouette.

A delectable cake slice with dark inner layers coated in cream and red frosting. Whipped cream is dabbed on top and various berries are placed on the cream. The slice has been cut with a fork, the front piece toppled over, and a fork is laid down next to it slightly digging into the side of the cake. Crumbs decorate the fork prongs.

An oil painting showing a window from the inside looking out into a dark area, lit by blurry dots of light in the distance, and raindrops dotting the window all over. It has an almost gloomy feel to it, with colors of teal, yellow, orange and red dominating the otherwise dark palette. The image invokes feelings of quiet and being alone, but not necessarily loneliness, as the outside world passes by.

Painting of a wooden table with light coming from the top. On the table is a yellow post-it note with the word

A dark VR painting with blue hues to depict dark ocean water, it's unfinished with about half the splotches of sea foam visible.

A dark and gloomy virtual reality oil painting; light filters through the murky water from the top. In the middle of the canvas is a mermaid, a displeased expression on her face, floating with one arm above her head and the other next to her body.

I will ask that the Hourglass it sent to the group before I start the commission, and it will not be used until the commission is finished. This will be fully transparent and visible to everyone. I can paint humans, humanoid creatures, landscapes, animals, and objects. Architecture is not something I'm confident in and will not be painting at this time as a full focus.

Feel free to DM me if you're interested! :)

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