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BIOTERROR (played anonymously)


Welcome to Bioterror.

Introductory: I
"What's Project Zomboid?"

Project Zomboid is a video game, on Steam in which you survive the zombie apocalypse alone, or with a group of friends whether small or big. It is a survival game with traditional RPG elements, and is generally less convoluted than most other survival games in my experience. That being said, the game preys on the feeling of you losing your character to the impending doom of the infection. The tagline of the game is 'This is how you died.'

The Roleplay will take place in this game. You can pick up a copy on Steam for 19.99 USD or around 8-9.00 USD on G2A. I am not expecting you to buy the game to join - instead I'm welcoming people who have the game to a fresh starting Roleplay community. Want to join but don't have the game? You're more than welcome to purchase it and join our upstart community, but I wouldn't expect anyone to drop twenty dollars for themself just because a stranger on the internet said to. Regardless, we will welcome players, both new and old to the flock, both now, and into the future.

We are based in Eastern Standard Time (EST), and thus, most RPs will take place with that timezone in mind. But all are welcome as long as you're aware of the time difference.

Requirements: II
"What do I need in order to join?"

First off, I'd like to thank you deeply for your interest. I'll keep this part short, and concise for your reading experience.
1.) A copy of Project Zomboid on Steam
2.) To join our Discord Server.
3.) To fill out our character application on the site and DM it to me. (See section V.)
4.) Be kind. Please follow our rules, they're there mainly to protect our fellow players, and keep a structured Roleplay.

The Premise: III
"What's The Plot?"

In Bioterror, spme of the outline of the game's base story remains true. All locations are as they're named in-game, and take place in Kentucky. A few key differences are - not only are the survivors we play immune to the airborne infection of the Knox Virus, as they are in-game, they're also resistant to the bloodborne infection while NOT being immune to it. This means, the bloodborne infection can be fought off by our characters as if it was a bad flu instead of just turning. A large portion of the Roleplay will take place trying to figure out why that is, and what makes our characters so special - as well as surviving day-to-day and finding out the true origin of the Knox Virus, unlike in base game.

Bioterror's story will start taking place in early November, 2007, as opposed to the in-game's late 90s setting, in a universe where Zombie fiction DOES NOT EXIST. Allowing our characters to start blissfully unaware of the horrible events they're witnessing in front of them. To compliment storytelling, we've added a couple of mods to the experience - while being careful not to add bloat like many other servers do. To keep things fresh, however, more mods may be added in the future.

The story officially takes place on the third day of infection, November 1st. In which the first two days the infection spread like mad, making people sick, then killing and reanimating their corpses. There is more to the story to unveil - most of which will be done in-character as time goes on through server messages, and Roleplay radio stations.

Rules: IV
"What's The Rules?"

1.) You are to treat everyone as equal, regardless of political background, race, orientation, or anything in between. This is a safe space for people of all walks of life.

2.) While in-game, we do not use voice chat to RP, we do everything exclusively through text. Supplementary Roleplays (like solo stories, and memoirs) can be written, and collaborated on inside of the Discord.

3.) Don't be an ass!

4.) Character death is taken very seriously. If you die in-game, it doesn't necessarily mean that character is dead automatically - you can respawn as them, and say you took a few bad hits. That does not mean you shouldn't play carefully, as Zombies are supposed to be a real threat regardless. Playing willy nilly constantly will force a true character death.

5.) PVP is off, and will take place PURELY through character actions IF necessary , you'll have your character die by another person's unless you agree to permission to kill, or if the character is played by staff for the main plot. Regardless of that though, we promise you your character is safe in our hands, and any likeliness of being killed off will 99% come from whether or not you want to.

6.) In-game chat should be used for almost exclusively in-character actions and sayings. Discord can be used for OOC talk.

7.) We do not allow erotic Roleplay at all. Anything related to this should be done in Discord DMs between two CONSENTING ADULTS, or handled by a fade to black.

8.) In-game, we have all clothing items turned on to allow you freedom of customization. While this is true, you're expected to not start completely decked out in the strongest gear, and use the freedom to create a character.

9.) Create a CHARACTER, not a build. We are aware the game has certain metas. Here, we try to avoid them - please make your positive and negative traits in-game match your character, and not some kind of overpowered survivalist build.
Rules: V
"How do I apply?"

Simple! DM me the following outline, filled out. Include as little or as much details as you want.

Character Name: (Name here.)

Character Gender: (Gender here.)

Character Description: (How does your character look? Anything from height to hair, eye and skin color and features as well as age.)

Character Background: (Pre-apocalypse backstory. Should include previous occupation if any.)

Roleplay Example: (A snippet of something you've Roleplayed, or a scenario you've made up. We promise not to judge harshly!)

Starting Gift: (You're allowed to start with an item that means something to your character. A pistol maybe? A special necklace? A melee weapon?
Maybe even a car! It's up to you. This can be nearly anything in-game.)

Are you over the age of 18?: (Not your character. This is is purely to protect our younger audience. If you don't feel comfortable with answering, you don't have to.)
Closing: VI
"Our goodbyes!"

We look forward to meeting any one of you that are interested in joining. We are a community that just started out, and are always actively looking for more Roleplayers. If and when you're accepted, you'll be let into the Discord server. Have a good day and if you join - please, enjoy yourself. Don't be afraid to reach out to me, or any future staff. We want to be as accomodating as possible.
Magic 00%
No magic at all.
Technology 60%
Near future, perhaps cloning and genetic manipulation
Combat 80%
Wartime/soldier RPs. Combat is a given and will likely be graphic, but there's the potential for non-combat "in the trenches" scenes. World War 2, Vietnam, etc.
Romance 20%
Romance isn't outright desired, but can happen if we decide the characters are perfect for each other. The romance won't be important to the overall plot.

Details: Character sheets & strict mechanics, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred. Will be played with a small group of players.

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