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In the interest of getting better as a writer, I'm looking for someone to critique a few of my recent posts. I want to know what I could change to make them more readable and enjoyable, what to avoid if I'm doing something that should be avoided, and any other advice anyone would be willing to provide.

I'll send the posts through inbox as, although they're not explicitly nsfw, they contain some minor nsfw things that are probably better kept off of the general forums.

And I figure, by extension, if anyone is willing to help others by reviewing, you could advertise that you are looking to help/looking for help.

i could, but we'd have to keep in mind that roleplay preferences are largely subjective -- even something as standard as narrative tense or POV varies widely. i actually prefer 'dry' language in a roleplay, factual and direct with basic action and dialogue advances, but i know it's very popular to be highly descriptive and linger on certain details. /shrug

the best method i ever found for improving my writing was to read, a lot, and then write unafraid of borrowing and echoing that which i read.

read outside of the genres you like to write in, just to expand your writing toolset. :D

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