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Forums » Help » Do LFRP Posts Auto-Close?

I... can't remember if I closed a Group LFRP ad/post on accident or if it just ran out the clock on its 'promotional' spot and closed itself??

I think I'd want to leave the Group Recruitment LFRP Ad open and up, because the Group is still open and recruiting, and I did notice a lot of unanswered or repeating LFRP threads are marked closed after a certain page number, even though I know for sure the authors are still looking or the groups are still open and recruiting.

Do we just need to manually renew the LFRP post after a certain time, even if we're not out to get that 'promotional' ad spot anymore, and just want the thread left open for searches? Do LFRP threads auto-close or was this just sleepy user error?

they close after 2 weeks im p sure, unless you hit the renew button to keep it up
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You can also re-activate threads once they have closed. So they never are really fully removed unless you delete them yourself, to my understanding.

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