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It's been a while since I've learned something new, except for courses I took for my online business. I'm thinking about going to a library with a notebook, gathering a few books, and just learning something new, taking notes, etc.

Does anyone have any ideas on what topics I can research? I already got some ideas, such as dinosaur stuff, because my partner loves dinosaurs. I also wanted to get interested in horse riding as a sport, it's disciplines and such. But I am still thinking about other cool topics that might be interesting to learn about...

Any ideas? Just a note, as far as I don't really have particular "triggers", I don't want to get into dark or depressing topics, such as war, politics, and such. Mainly because I want to relax while studying, not to question humanity. I had time for such stuff while going to school. ^^; I'm interested in some cool stuff that may be useful, or just fun to know and learn about. :)

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