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Okay, I was wondering this because its confusing me. Is there like certain fandoms with dead/alive fanbases? I see post for like say FNAF for instance, but when I ask about it I get ghosted or told they rlly dont wanna do it and I'm confuzled. Someone help
There’s a lot of them, anything from the 2000’s to mid-2010’s seem to be the prime area because I remember RP’s being about things like, for example’s sake, Supernatural tv show, EVERYWHERE on sites like Quotev before they got rid of the forum feature a few years ago, but now it seems pretty much quiet even though it could be contributed to the fact it’s no longer on-air because they finished with season 15. I’ve also seen it with TWD and Game of Thrones etc. it’s just the natural cycle of things, things come and go and there’s always something new and sensationally popular
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Huh, makes sense. Like I know things will change, just confuzled why people post about it then shoot me down 5 minutes later
They probably aren’t recent posts but still keep them in the ads

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