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Hey y'all. :)
Lately, I've been writing some stories. Except for a few attempts, I kept most of my stories to myself. Now I think that it's kinda sad how I put my entire heart into my stories and only my family and friends read it. :( Is there any platform for original story & fanfiction writers, except for Wattpad and Fanfiction/.net? I've had bad experiences with those in the past, mainly due to them being dominated by toxic, immature people and I would like to avoid them and find a new place to post my stories.

Does anyone know any other websites for writers where I can share my stories? I write LGBTQ+ romance, horror, fantasy, and sometimes fanfiction. Any ideas?

(I hope that art & creativity forum is the right one to ask for this advice, hehe)
Archive of our Own is an amazing site for that! That's my go to for posting my work and it is pretty friendly!
I agree with Fox, I heard good things about AO3. :)

You could also try Fictionpress, but it's ran by the same people who run, so I'm not sure if you'd care for it?
Archive of Our Own, absolutely. I could not agree more with those who have already suggested it.
Royal Road is a great place to share! The forums are busy and people are very active.

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