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Lupi Tsukino (played anonymously)

"Come one, come all! The Tsukino Royal Winter family has officially opened their castle doors to welcome their kingdom's people. Today is the day that Princess Tsukino not only picks her court but also her lifelong spouse. Her parents- King Altero and Queen Judisha have been craving this moment for decades and have set up the perfect amount of games, foods, and traditional courting needed to make sure this is the best experience for the princess."
Hia Guwol (played by O-K)

Stepping out of her carriage Princess Hia Guwol tilted her head back, her icy white hair grazing along her shoulders as she bit her lip and adjusted her tiara smiling at her guards who quickly took her sides. The white horses that pulled her diamond-clad vehicle neighed and whined as though worried for their princess's safety but with a flourish of her hand they were led away. With a beaming smile, she walked away heading towards the long line of commoners waiting for their passes to enter. While she knew she could easily bypass them, she knew that wasn't the way of the Tsukino kingdom so she waited rubbing her cold fingers together. Her nose was pink and her cheeks were flushing quickly with the cold but she was transfixed by the magical look of the castle. It'd been transformed into a palace of wonders. Fairies rushed by on ice unicorns and little huts had been built all along the snow for people to take shelter in when the cold became too much. Along with the huts were dozens of stalls for games, confection stands, and even large pits for fighting. Hia was amazed.
Ren Hemmberg (played by Revereen)

Ren walked along the forest only to see a large fair being run by a nearby kingdom. It would seem that his father was right, there was a chance to meet a princess and become her spouse. He was no royal however, and he dare not invest himself into politics and the like. It was just not his style. But those were his father's orders; Keep an eye on the neighboring kingdom to ensure the party does not get sabotaged by any enemies. Apparently, that would "help with diplomatic relations"
Being the son of a renowned sorcerer of the kingdom he lived in, he had a penchant for being a trickster during his youth, so much so that he was bestowed a familiar from an eastern land named, Azumi, to regulate his behavior. Azumi is a fox spirit or what some call a Kitsune.

But despite his capabilities as a sorcerer, he had more of a preference with combining swordsmanship and magic rather than specializing in one school of combat.

"Are we there yet?", Azumi asked, the fox spirit smiled at Ren

"Yeah, this seems to be the place", Ren said as the pair approached the castle. On the way, they saw Hia
Azumi Hemmberg (played by Revereen)

"This is my master, Ren", Azumi said to Hia politely with a bow.

"Yeah, that's Azumi..."

Azumi suddenly nudged Ren lightly

"That is not a way to talk to royalty, young man! Did your father ever tell you politeness is important in general?"

Ren groaned, seemingly reluctant to greet Hia once more in a way he was not comfortable with

"Greetings, miss. I am Ren Hemmberg a student of the Razir Academy. My father is a well known scholar and professor at that sorcerous academy. It is my pleasure to meet you.", Ren said in a monotonous manner

"Very good", Azumi smiled

((Is it okay if I fit these two in this setting? I know they're kinda modernish based on their profiles, but I usually adjust my characters to the setting of an RP lol. Hope you guys don't mind XD))
Claude de Alger Obelia (played anonymously)

Upon his arrival at the scene, the young crown prince with a short, golden hair with bangs sweeping over jewel blue eyes, an inherited trait from the imperial bloodline, wears an official military uniform, complete with a decorated, double-breasted frock coat, a fur-lined cape, trousers, and boots so he could steal the spotlight from everyone whom starring at his noticable royal appearance.

It was because of the invitation from the Tsukino Royal Family made the one whom soon-enough be the one who will rule Obelian Empire obliged to visit and fulfill his mother's wish to seek for someone that could catch his desire of affection. Something that has been missing because Claude grew to become cold and stoic.

However, he took a glimpse on several royalties that arrived earlier than him and stood aside to comprehend his surrounding first.
Kino Onstone (played by Theyakate)

While every royal and noble, and commoner people are entering, Kino arrived at the back gate of the Castle which he is tasked to deliver the goods back and forth from the main supply warehouse. It was tiring for his Jet Black Horse Jecth that Kino untie him from the cart and led Jecht to a Horse stable where he fed him hay and water.

His works is not done that he carry those crates to the kitchen room one at a time until there is nothing let to carry. So the Supply Manager pay him and with an extra meal from the best chef. Kino bow and thank as he leave the Kitchen and went outside near the Back gate, there he sits and enjoy the meal with his silver flask of booze. KNowing he isnt a fan of loud music that he spent most of his time on a quiet cabin on the wood which was outside of the Kingdom Wall.
Springtide (played by Starphobia)

Peaking down from a nearby tree, Springtide set her book down and peered at the little people from the kingdom. Holding onto a branch with her long tail, she carefully climbed down, then walked towards the people. She didn't intend on hurting or scaring anyone, as if she ever wanted to.
Her Firefly Jar rattled as she walked in.

"Woah..." It wasn't like anything she'd seen before. It was fascinating, and very strange.

She didn't have plans to participate. Instead, she found a spot under a tree, away from all the people, and started reading her book. It was quite loud, though she didn't mind at all.
Achiell narrowed her eyes at the gate's entrance, stepping out from a portal. Her wavy auburn hair swayed wind blew
Achiell narrowed her blood red eyes at the gate's entrance, stepping out from a portal. She wore a formal attire this time; a red gown with red accents and gold accesories, unlike her usual attire. It was an invite from the Tsukino Royal Winter family after all, how could she wore a red hooded jacket with a black turtleneck sweater at such an event? A fool she would be.
As Achiell stepped out of the portal and through the gates, her crimson eyes scanned ahead in search of something - or anyone - in particular. She was dressed for the occasion, having been invited by the Tsukino Royal Winter family themselves. She sported an exquisitely crafted red gown with red accents and gold accessories - a far cry from her usual attire. Besides, how could she wore a hooded jacket and a black turtleneck sweater at such an event? A fool she would make of herself.

The woman begrudgingly followed the stone path, her footsteps echoing off of the walls and ground as she walked. Each step felt like another eternity of boredom. She had lost count of how many times she had internally sighed in frustration. After all, with all of her brothers out on some 'quest' or something, she was the only one who could attend the event. She didn't want to be here at all. Even still, she kept walking, perhaps with a tinge of curiosity as to what the event might hold, although hesitant to embrace whatever it might be.
(I had just realized I made a mistake whilst typing, really sorry for the first 2 messages-)
Kino Onstone (played by Theyakate)

Kino almost finish his meal but a young black cat stared at him as he held his last drumstick of chicken. He didn't notice the cat as it jump and snatch his chicken and ran to the front gate. Kino shouted as he stood and went to chase that cat among the crowds as he went in and he was struggling but he never lost his site on that cat.
Star (played by Starphobia)

Star perched on a nearby fence, watching all the people have fun. Her eyes glowing with happiness, she purred.
* maximus wasent fond much of going to festivles and such becouse he didnt have much money to go to them and engoy himself but thakfully he made enough to get in and to do some fun activitys inside as he slowly made his way inside he was amazed and facinated with eveyrthing he saw from the activitys to the food he was amazed * maximus: my goodness this is incredible

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