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Elysia: The Enchanted Realm

Nestled between the veils of reality, Elysia exists as a realm of boundless enchantment, where magic courses through every fiber of existence, and the very air hums with arcane resonance. Its landscapes are an intricate tapestry of colors, textures, and energies, brought to life by the convergence of worlds and the mastery of Elyrians.

Within this character page may you find much information about the world, how you will find your essence and attune with an aetherite crystal. Within it also may you find much history and descriptions of the lands you will enter. Its politics, fashion, cultures. May you use its wondrous technologies and create your own, even. Use the convergence to your advantage or fight back against it to leave Elysia and Earth as their own thriving worlds. Or anything you wish.

Create or morph your character to the qualities of this world, be their affinity air, water, fire, earth, light, or shadow. Come one, come all. And from where did they hail? One of the six continents? Perhaps a smuggling trade underneath the surface? More information on these places can be found in the Elysia Lore profile.

Learn about the laws of magic and see technologies here.

Learn about the land and history of Elysia here.

And most importantly, have fun.
Azumi Hemmberg (played by Revereen)

Azumi was an aetherial companion to her summoner, Ren. She was a sort of fox spirit attuned to the wind magics of the realm. They lived in a secluded floating island somewhere in Elysia, a few yards away from a bustling city that they often visit. It was peaceful, yet boring at times and... it seemed that Ren was starting to be late for work.

"Ren-ren!", Azumi called out, "Time for work. The academy has students that need teaching!"

There was no response. Only the sound of snoring and mumbling. Ren was fast asleep. She knew of Ren's tendency to sleep heavily, but this was the last straw. It was important for him to wake up earlier and work harder than his pupils as a good teacher should. At least, that is how the fox spirit views the matter. Having had enough of her summoner's overly lax demeanor, she rushed over to his room at a slightly brisk pace and blew a cold wind using a spell with her hands at Ren.

He woke up instantly in shock, "Mom, c'mon!"

"Oh don't you "c'mon" me! Come now, I desire to show the students more knowledge for the good of their futures and you should too!"

Ren had almost forgot Azumi had applied for the job. She always wanted to be with his summoner wherever they went. So, they ate their breakfast, took their baths, and proceeded on their jolly, or in Ren's case, "tiresome", way to the place known as "Razir Academy"
Barbara Pegg (played anonymously)

"Lalala~♪ Lalalala~~♪♪" the unknown tune in harmony utter words or sounds in succession with musical modulations of the voice; the girl in the blond when she began to sing, her voice soft and angelic, transporting anyone to a world of peace above the clouds. It just like the other usual day for Barbara Pegg, the deaconess of the Elysia having her voices with the melodies synchronize with the water which floats around her. When her mood was in the happiness side, she would gladly turned on the harmony all day, making the wind, flowers, animals to synch together with the melodies she could offer.

The weather was also fit for the symphony. The sun being warm and the wind breeze softly, giving a gentle blow on Barbara's twin tail when the deaconess add some dance to her singing. The birds chirping along with the notes, even the crickets backed her up with their own vocal. Everything had been synching well enough to make you eager to take some nap from the nature's harmony.
Theia (played anonymously)

As Theia moved through the corridors of Razir Academy, her purpose was clear: to unravel the enigma of the Convergence. The luminescent plants that adorned the walls seemed to beckon her forward, illuminating her path with a soothing glow. Dressed in robes that bore the colors of the amethyst sky and the shimmering waters, she embodied the essence of Sylvan Sanctum.

With every step, she felt the presence of her ethereal companions, the Faeril, fluttering around her. Their connection to the realm's nature essence resonated with her own attunement. As she wandered, her thoughts were a whirlwind of theories and questions about the convergence that bound her world with Earth.

Pausing by a balcony that offered a breathtaking view of the floating isles, Theia's gaze turned inward. She knew that her journey was leading her beyond the walls of the academy. Her quest for understanding had grown into a mission, and the heart of the convergence awaited her in the sprawling, steampunk-infused city.

Amidst the rustling of her robes in the gentle breeze, Theia's eyes briefly settled on Azumi and Ren, engaged in their morning routine. A sense of camaraderie and shared purpose resonated within her, even from a distance. Theia had her own path to follow, her own mysteries to unveil, and she was determined to forge ahead.

With a determined smile, Theia continued her exploration of the academy, driven by her insatiable curiosity. She yearned to uncover the secrets of the convergence, to understand its mechanisms, and perhaps find a way to ensure the harmony and balance that her world desperately needed. The impending journey to the heart of the convergence would be fraught with challenges, but Theia's resolve was unshaken. She was ready to confront the unknown and make her mark on the history of Elysia.
Azumi Hemmberg (played by Revereen)

As Azumi and Ren made their way towards the academy, they spotted Theia. She seemed to be a new face to the academy. There also seemed to be a new voice in the form of Barbara Pegg, the deaconess of Elysia. However the pair were already on their way to the academy and were moving farther away from her. Ren was particularly excited to meet her, but a quick nudge from Azumi prevented him from going to Barbara.

The two set up their books by their classroom after setting foot at the first floor of Razir Academy's Grand hall. A wide circular hall that encompassed several doors each in four floors. A representation of the three houses. Ren remembered them all too well. First was Aurus, the Golden Knights of bravery, and hard work, using their powers to protect others. Second the house of Latim, the Scholars who sought discovery with boundless curiosity. The third house belonged to Socia, the house of Elysia's diplomacy, politics, and other similar topics Ren found uninteresting. The fourth and final floor housed the heads of each of the three houses.

He went outside for a bit to marvel at the glass dome roof that reached the top of the academy. Then he saw Theia once more by the balcony, which was only a few steps away from the entrance. While Azumi continued to study and prepare for the pupils' lessons for today, Ren decided to give Theia a visit. He walked towards the balcony, his hood covered face smiling at her if she saw him.

"You a new student?", Ren smiled and reached out his hand, "Never seen you around these parts. I'm Ren, a professor at this academy. If you find some white fox spirit wearing a kimono, that'd be Azumi. My rather strict, etherial companion"

Then he forgot to ask Theia one simple question that would be of great importance.

"Hang on. If you're new, then I don't know your house", Ren paused, putting a finger on his chin to think, "Please tell me you're Latim, 'cause then I'd get a new student... and money, but also you get to learn from me of course!"

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