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Step into the World of Dragons and Intrigue

👑 Are you ready to embark on an epic journey in the Game of Thrones universe? Join us in "New Valyria: After the Doom," where the legacy of Old Valyria lives on, and the power of dragons and intrigue awaits your command.

🏰 The Great Houses of New Valyria: 🏰

House Belaerys: Known as the guardians of ancient wisdom, House Belaerys is steeped in knowledge and mysticism. As scholars, mages, and dragonlords, they wield formidable power and guide the realm with their ancient secrets.

House Velaryon: Masters of the seas, House Velaryon's naval supremacy is unmatched. As valiant knights, fearless warriors, and skilled merchants, they navigate the treacherous waters of both commerce and conquest.

House Taeltheon: Led by their devotion to justice and unity, House Taeltheon comprises diplomats, healers, and dragonlords. Their dedication to the realm's harmony makes them sought-after peacemakers and protectors.

House Tarnaris: The Ember Guardians of Valyria, House Tarnaris is renowned for its fearsome warriors and dragon riders. They wield their power with unwavering loyalty, defending the realm from any threat.

House Cellarys: Masters of military-economic symbiosis, House Cellarys excels in trade, strategy, and finance. Their knack for turning gold into might ensures their influence extends far beyond the battlefield.

🐉 Choose Your Destiny: 🐉

In "New Valyria: After the Doom," you can play a wide range of characters:

🗡️ Dragonlords: Bond with your own dragon, and ride the skies with the power of the ancient Valyrian bloodline.

🏰 Nobility: Navigate the treacherous waters of politics and power as a lord or lady of one of the Great Houses.

⚔️ Knights and Warriors: Prove your valor on the battlefield, serving your house with unwavering loyalty.

🧙 Mages and Scholars: Unlock the secrets of Old Valyria and wield ancient magic as a mage or scholar.

💼 Merchants and Diplomats: Master the art of trade and diplomacy, ensuring the prosperity and influence of your house.

🤝 Alliances and Intrigue: Form alliances, engage in political intrigue, and plot your path to dominance in a realm teetering on the brink of change.

🌍 A Living World: Experience a dynamic, player-driven narrative set in the rich and immersive world of Westeros and Essos.

👑 Join "New Valyria: After the Doom" today and become a part of a thriving community of Game of Thrones enthusiasts. Unleash your inner dragonlord and forge your destiny in a realm where power, intrigue, and dragons collide!

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🐉 Claim your destiny in the land of dragons and legends! 🐉
I am definitely interested! Returning RPer. Will join your Discord today!

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