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Riddle Rosehearts (played by Five)

Heartslabyul Dorm's Halloween Trick-or-Treat Event
Please read all rules and guidelines before arriving.


Riddle Rosehearts, the Housewarden of Heartslabyul Dorm, invites those of all-ages to stop by Night Raven College's Heartslabyul Dorm to receive a small package* filled with candy and other goodies, but be warned, where treats are present, tricks are as well! Keep alert, or you might be jumpscared by one of the staff members of the event!**

*(OOC) The packages are not actual items. They are just in roleplay, given to your characters.
**(OOC) There is no guarantee your character gets jumpscared. You may privately message me to arrange a jumpscare if you would like, but I can accept or deny this request.
Rules of the Event:
- One package per visitor, though you may ask for an extra for your loved ones that couldn't arrive at the event.
- Make sure to be respectful of the Heartslabyul Rules.
- Please keep inside the fence, we are not liable for any injuries outside of the fence. Any injuries that occur inside the fence, please contact Riddle Rosehearts privately.
- There can only be two trick-or-treaters at one time.* Once the one or two of the trick-or-treaters are given their package, you may enter afterwards.**

*(OOC) This counts towards your character too if you choose to bring a plus one, or your character are twins or a couple.
**(OOC) Please privately message me to arrange a meeting between/visit with two characters, for example, if your friend has a character that are couples, related (by blood or not) somehow, or friends, with your character./size]

Thank you for reading, and we hope you enjoy the event!


Riddle had just finished the last decoration on the outside of the entrance gate. He wiped his brow, looked around to make sure all of his 'card soldiers' were still working and doing their job and then smiled in pride.

"Everything is in order and ready to begin."

He opened the gate, flipped the open sign and then grabbed his prop shovel off the ground and entered the garden.
"Cater! Where are you?" He called out loud.

Cater, laid out on a coffin, held his head up, it seemed he was in the middle of taking a selfie.
"Yes Housewarden?" He called back to Riddle.

Riddle approached Cater and leaned on his shovel.

"The entrance is open and I'll need you to keep an eye on everything, make sure everyone leaves with equal amounts of packages and there's no fighting, no rule-breaking, nothing suspicious or disrespectful."

Cater sat up and nodded, "Alright, Housewarden! I'll be up there here in a sec!"
Riddle nodded back and walked off to search for Trey.

"Trey, are the packages all ready?" He asked, approaching Trey.

Trey smiled brightly, adjusting his glasses. "Just finished them now, Riddle."

Riddle smiled back. "That's great. Let's get these up to the front of the garden and set them up for the visitors." He beckoned him and walked off, Trey now following with a black wagon filled with small packages with red ribbons and fake bones on it.

There was a table that displayed many small packages on it, Riddle and Trey were sitting beside each other, each with their shovels in matching outfits, talking as they waited for trick-or-treaters to arrive to their event.

Cater was at the entrance, who would make sure no (real) weapons would enter the garden and everything stayed civil and fair.

He would look at his phone when no one was there, however.

Ace and Deuce were hiding somewhere in the garden, they were in-charge of jumpscaring any unsuspecting visitors that wandered a little too far away from the front of the garden. That is, if they could stop giggling and joking and occasionally arguing around long enough to do so.

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Riddle Rosehearts (played by Five) Topic Starter

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Max (played by Maxthecoolcat420)

( awsome I was just making sure lol ) * max had Hurd about this Halloween event at theses dorms so he dicided to get some what dressed up looking kinda like tommy Chong and went and eventually found the dorm the event was at * max: hello? * he said out loud curiesly
Riddle Rosehearts (played by Five) Topic Starter

Cater noticed Max and waved. "Hey! Welcome to our event! If you have any weapons, please put them in the box over here." He pointed over at the box. "After that, you can go through that gate there into the garden and have some spooktacular fun!"
Max (played by Maxthecoolcat420)

Max: hehe don’t worry I don’t Cary weapons * max chuckled * max: I just carry a lighter with me * he said as he thanks carter and walks threw the gate and into the garden *
Riddle Rosehearts (played by Five) Topic Starter

Riddle and Trey sat at the table with all the packages on it when they noticed Max.
"Hello, welcome to Heartslabyul Dorm and please enjoy your visit." Riddle smiled warmly.

Trey picked up one of the packages and held it out to Max. "I hope you have a good Halloween."
It's the time around October where people get their spookiest costumes or their cutest costumes braided with a pumpkin to celebrate the Halloween session.

Vanille wasn't sure when exactly this event proposed to and why it was have to be on October since her older sister didn't really tell her much about Halloween meaning. Nevertheless, her sister still wanting her to try on the Halloween costumes and impress anyone that she might pass on. Vanille, in the other hand, just happy because Halloween filled with treats!

Once again, Vanille wandered around the houses to greet some persons and here she was, arrived in front of the Heartlabyul's dorm. She glanced at the people, Cater and Max, as she waited for them in line, Vanille fixed her hair and once they were done with their conversation, Vanille stepped ahead. "Hello! Trick or treats?" Vanille smiled in hope to get some treats for her little pumpkin bag on her hand.
Max (played by Maxthecoolcat420)

* max happily stopped to take the package and thank the two * max: thanks whats in the package or is it to find out on my own * he said with a little chuckle as he held it wanting to know whats inside
Riddle Rosehearts (played by Five) Topic Starter

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Max (played by Maxthecoolcat420)

( no worry’s lol )

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