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It was just a fortnight until the Silver Moon would be full, the day of which those fueled by the Goddess Lunesca would be at their most powerful, and celebrations would begin as the winter would finalize. It would signal a time of harmony and peace, as the Winter's were harsh in the mountains, Genavalia would become shrouded by the Goddess's will. None dared march onto the lands lest be frozen by the harsh cold. Though the Kingdom within was protected by Magical barriers, keeping her innards warm and true. A solace during such a grim time. War on the outskirts would be halted, and many would return home to their families.

What would come on the Silver Moon would be the biggest of celebrations, and changes to the kind within Genavalia. Many hundred years ago the Elves of the Moon had been betrayed by the Elves of the Sun, and since there had been a feud between the two, that to this point the purpose had faded to simple hatred with no greater intent. However, the gaining Wars of Land, against the Humans who thrived to extinguish all Fae kind had grown beyond both Elven kind capabilities. It was time to end the hatred within their kind and bind them together once again. With this - a marriage was proposed. The Prince hailing from Vinthore, of the Sulterian lands, would merge with the Princess Raena L'dalle of Genavalia. To which she would become Queen of her people, her Mother and Father would rescind to the Council and provide guidance to their new found leadership.

So she stood - before a grand mirror that towered high, shimmering in reflection of her own magical aura. A woman stood next to her - tending to the corset laces of the back of a glorious white and blue dress. It was a wedding dress - with a craftsmanship of the most talented seamstresses of the Lunar kind. It had plenty of lace overlay with hints of Leaves and Crescent themes, a gorgeous display of beauty that only enhanced her natural appearance.

Her hair was that of gold, which signified her destiny to bring together the Sunkind, kissed by the sun and resemblance of the great Merrigold fields to the south. She had small freckles across her nose and cheeks that were light upon her natural rose cheeks. Her hair was pinned upward in a fanciful collection of braids and strands, held high - as this was her look for the wedding, a practice appearance. The woman next to her was a silver haired elf, who peered in the mirror behind her. "My my, Princess, you will be astonishing" she muttered in a soft elder voice.

"Thank you, Selya, that means much. You were there when my mother and father wed…" She reached over with a soft hand, though ungloved - she would wear light blue gloves to her elbows upon the night. Warm fingers fell over the elder's and gave them a gentle squeeze. She felt the pride of the future upon her shoulders, to be delicate yet powerful, beautiful yet strong, the foundation of the future of her people, the bringer of Peace to all Elven kind.

"I would like a moment… to take this in" Raena spoke and nodded for the woman to leave her. Selya gave a deep bow and exited the room. This room was one of many dressing rooms within the castle, adjacent to her own chambers. Here she would come each morning to don the day's wear, to prepare for the delicate business of the day. Selya had served her well, as she had served her mother in past, providing guidance and kindness to start her day. The room itself had an extremely high ceiling with decorative lines in the ceiling, reaching to a pinnacle that was a stone depiction of the moon itself in full.

Raena's magic pulsed within her, stirring to the very sight of herself. She took in a deep breath - her filled bosom rising with this, and slowly releasing it to calm the nerves within her. Her eyes opened and shone back in the mirror was something she did not expect. Reflecting in her return was not the glorious room she stood, but rather an image.

Within her fingertips she held a necklace, a pendant glowing brightly with magic - a simple crescent moon, another gift from her mother, passed downward in the family. She thumbed her finger over the smooth marbled like texture of the gem within. The man before her was striking - he looked different than she had seen, not the same of any human she had peered to before - though she had little experience with the human kind, having spent most of her time among the Fae. He had stepped back - admiring something grand, she could see the twinkle in his eye.

The frame of the mirror glowed brightly, the shifting in her chest only churned harder. Something persuaded her. Typically she would be hesitant to approach anything unusual, but it was some unnatural pull upon her that forced her to reach forward. With a single finger tip - she touched the surface of the mirror. It was not what she expected - she expected a cold hard response, but rather her finger pressed through some milky substance. Her will was no longer and magic gripped ahold of her entirely, it pulled her in with a gravity beyond her control.

Falling from her fingers - her necklace hit the floor, cracking the crescent pendent upon the glossy tiled flooring. She was pulled through - and shoved forward. She had been wearing a delicate pair of heels, a pearl white natural glow seem to emit from it. She stepped forward, with the slightest of stumble, into this other scene, a realm perhaps? She turned swiftly, her dress swishing with the swift motion. She saw the room of once she came, but nothing in the center. A painting? She swiftly, ignoring the man in the room, touching the painting once more. It shimmered to her touch - but nothing. She withdrew a finger - only to find a slight amount of nearly dry paint upon her fingers, leaving her print in the center of the painting. "By the Gods" she muttered, a deep feeling of dread sinking into her stomach.

She reached to her dress, hiking it slightly, she stomped towards this man. "Just who are you? Are you seeking the demise of my people, have you some ransom, kidnapping me like so? I'll have you know I will not be kind to you for such a thing, and nor my people" she spoke through her teeth now, anger boiling within. "You will send me back, or I will leave you a dead man" her magic was stirring brightly within her now. An aura of angry blue emit from her flesh as it bubbled high, she was ready to summon it and kill him in a single stroke, as she knew she could. She drew her hand - her patience already broken. She summoned a ball of power, that of the moon itself, and shot it forward with a thrust of her hand.

To her utter surprise - it seem to dissipate the moment it hit this man. Her mouth fell agape "What kind of sorcery is this? What sort of barrier can resist the power of Lunesca" she stepped forward again - she felt some power surge, holding her back. She realized in a moment - she could not hurt him. "Who…. Are you?" she questioned again. "You - you will send me back, you must" she seem to go from confident and powerful, to now a retreat of near begging, a swell in her eyes pulled at the collection of tears - though she fought to maintain herself. She had to stay strong, for herself, for her people.

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