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hay everyone i know this is kinda a odd topic but im just like testing this out you know just generally trying to get veiw points people give me and i work on them or something so if you have something to say just say it lol
I have no idea who you are.

If you want helpful feedback, you need to put more in the OP than just "be honest with me."

If you're having some problems with people in your personal life that make you think you might need to improve somewhere, you're better off asking those people.
Maxthecoolcat420 Topic Starter

well it was more just like aimed to whoever knew me or whoever I've roled played with lol so i mean thanks for the advice but I'm not really worried about that I'm just trying to get feed back for like how i role play or what people don't like when i role play that was kinda the point of this lol
Hey, max!
I get what you mean, getting feedback on your writing is a great way to know where and how to improve! However, you would be better off approaching the people you have written with/think could have the most to contribute directly. Save the middle man and go straight to the source, as it were. I mean, for one, some people might not be comfortable giving feedback in a public forum like this, which is totally fine. But also, that way there's no ambiguity over who should and shouldn't contribute. I mean, I don't know you, nor have I ever been witness to your writing style, so I wouldn't have much to contribute here at all. But the wording of your post seems to invite anyone to comment, which probably isn't what you were going for 😅

I should say that this is in no way critical of you, just an observation I made 😁

However, in the spirit of keeping this positive, if you would like me to read any of your past writing for feedback, I'd be happy to give you my thoughts! If so, just send me a pm! 😁

Happy writing!
Maxthecoolcat420 Topic Starter

I appreciate all that your telling me really I do but I mean I know I can just cut the middle man I just more so wanted to do something different then going to each person I’ve written with and asking to where they could see this and say something instead also the irony of it is that two people that I’ve never met have given me feed back lmao but thanks again I might I don’t have an example to send your way it’s more just me when roleplaying in the moment lol

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