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Katz (played by FictionDragonborn)

*In the middle of nowhere... A red cat named Katz looks up to you. He cleared his throat before speaking:*

"Hello, And welcome to Katz's Motel. Do enjoy your stay."

(Invite whatever character you want here. Just don't cause any fights or else Katz will kick you out.)
The girl walked in from outside, a skateboard in hand. Her shoulders were mildly damp from the rain of outside. Her long locs were soaked and she looked terribly annoyed through her fogged up glasses.

"Got any rooms?" She inquired, beholding the strange being before her. The inn was the closest despite the creepy vibes she decided to check it out.
Katz (played by FictionDragonborn) Topic Starter

Well, You're the first costumer to arrive So choose Whatever room you like.
"Anything." She said bluntly, taking in the strange atmosphere of the lobby. "Whatever's got a view, I guess."
Cassidy (played by Alliyus)

Cassidy stood there at the front desk, waiting patiently.

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