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it would be cool if people, like me, who used multiple sets of pronouns could put in their pref. pronouns (i mean, besides adding em to your profile)
The only place the pronoun setting get used is a select few things that are server-generated for you to read. Your selection isn't really shown to other members as reference, and the server needs to have something provided to tell it how to use the chosen pronouns, making it far more easy to program using a collection of presets. Trying to juggle multiple sets would be even harder, but you can change which set you want it to use at any time.
Maybe it could work if there were separate text fields for you to input each pronoun into, like on this website. It could help with neopronouns as well as mix-and-matching different sets, but I'm not sure if it's worth it from a coding standpoint when the on-site pronoun preference thing rarely comes up anyway? The only places I've seen it are epic week text, and peoples' accolade display stands; some things still use they/them for everyone, like the kudos prompt, if I remember right? I could be wrong about that last bit though.
Custom input fields might also get messy with things like he/they, she/they, he/she/they, etc, where the grammar isn't always the same for each set... I'm not sure. Just thought I might as well put the idea out there anyway.
Kim Site Admin

This setting is non-public, and only used to change how the site communicates with you. This is almost exclusively relevant during Epic Week, so for about 7-10 days per year. ;)

I don't really know how the site would handle modifying a message if the pronoun was a dual set like she/they -- would it just pick randomly for each pronoun it had to say about you?

I already have to do a lot of custom intervention to change grammar for "theys" and the handful of neopronouns we have where they don't work quite the same as she/hers and etc. and am CERTAIN the current system would work very poorly with fully custom pronouns. I am not certain that rebuilding it for the 7-10 days where it comes up for people who choose to participate in Epic Week combat is likely to be that high on my list.

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