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Forgive me if I'm posting this in the wrong place...but how can I become a better rper? I feel like my posts tend to be stale and I'm struggling to figure out how to keep plots interesting and going! I dream of having stories and interactions that flow and are fun! Any tips?

I've roleplayed for alongtime but recently I feel like my stories are moving too slowly. Is it "bad" to write too much internal feelings? How does one pace a post when there is dialog?

I would love guidance and would happily show off some posts I've done for critique. I truly want to improve to make stories fun for myself and my partners.

What do you enjoy in an rp?

Some notes about my writing:

Paragraph, third person.

If this has been posted in the wrong place I can happily move it. Thanks🙏
This is just my personal opinion and preference: I don't think you need to change but to find people with the same writing style as you. It's not bad if you write too much emotional thoughts and enjoy exploring other things and pace your stories slower as long as it's the way you like it and enjoy it. I personally don't think there is a correct way to do this, except, you know, gramatically and all the technic and obvious stuff (?)

As for the plot, again it depends on what you consider interesting. If you enjoy slice of life or whatever, it's your style and preferences. Find people who enjoy the same.

Also from experience, trying to match and please others and leaving aside my own preferences tend to lead to burnout and boredom and worse (after all you might be doing what they enjoy, not what you enjoy). So I try to find people who can write and enjoy things similar as mine. It's not easy and leads to dropping many RPs, but it's better than struggling with RPs I can't click with and only make me struggle to send a response to.

Yet again, this is just my personal opinion and experience after 15 years of RPing!
Kotomi657 Topic Starter

Thank you Roxy for taking the time to send me this. I honestly found it really encouraging :)

I'll not be so hard on myself if it seems I can't find matches right away 🤍
As someone who RP with you before, I must say.

You are an awesome writer.
I loved the post apocalyptic demon plot you came up with.
You characters are equally loveable and all with there own personal growths.
( Despite, Sands loathing Abagail. But Sands is a jerk.)

Like Roxy said, not everyone here going to like the same thing. Took me a few attempts before I found you.
There's plenty of fish in the sea...

Well, plenty of writers on this website, but you know what I mean.
Kotomi657 Topic Starter

I so appreciate you taking the time to message. I loved our story so much and I loved how well we flowed together. It's like you and Roxy say, there are partners for me out there. I think I just gotta be patient and not settle for things I know I won't really flow with vuv

Thank you friend!

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