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Cathfawr Pardus (played anonymously)

No OP characters, no metagaming/godmodding, be respectful, use 3rd person and proper grammar, try to fit the setting, have fun <3

TW: Mild violence and strong language (excluding f-words)


"Get your ass out of here!" A voice shouted, opening the door, and promptly Cathfawr was cartoonishly thrown out of the hotel and into the alleyway, face first into a puddle of rain water. The door slammed shut, and the beastman let out a sigh. "Didn't want to stay anyway!" He shouted back, though it was no use. The snow leopard stood up, shook his head and twitched his ears, attempting to dry himself.

Cathfawr put his hands in his coat pockets and walked further into the alleyway, mumbling profanity under his breath. Turns out falling asleep on the hotel stairs was a big no-no and the hotel owner kicked him out for it.

He didn't know someone was watching him, and was planning to try and rob him.

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