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Forums » Help » Mother 3/Lucas-themed CSS Style??

Wasn't sure where to put this? Feel free to move it to a better forum area, my mind is foggy lately so I have no idea if this is in the right spot. ^^;

I'm searching for someone who could do a CSS Character Profile Style based on Lucas from Mother 3, or the battle system from Mother 3. I don't have any money, but I do have a Book of Blank Pages (This item has 1 use left), Mushroom (Red) (This is a single use item) and a Red Rose (This is a single use item), if anyone will take one or two of those things as a payment, I can give you those.

I heavily struggle with CSS, and so my CSS styles are very limited and don't look like how I want it to, so this would be a big, big help. Even with help, CSS is extremely overwhelming and too much for my brain to handle. ^^;
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I've made a temporarily battle inspired one, but it still isn't exactly what I want it to look like. <_<

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