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Hey! I am really interested in nature and animals. Wolves are among my favorite animals. I love them as real animals, and as fantasy creatures (eg. werewolves)
I thought that maybe it would be interesting to base my werewolf characters on actual wild wolf behaviors. Does anyone have any particular recommendations for documentaries?
I am already aware that the infamous alpha studies are false, and I would really love to see some documentaries about wild wolf behavior, or maybe read some articles or books with actually proven studies and info. :)
Thanks in advance!
I think youtube has a few.
Well, go to YouTube. They have videos about wolves.

In the game, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the main character, Wolf/Sekiro, displays wolf-like qualities such as good night vision, loyalty to his master like wolves are loyal to a pack, and Wolf is trained well that he doesn't mind the killing of his foes, just like how a wolf can be trained to do this and that with enough training.

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